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PwC and UiPath

Automate instantly – with confidence

UiPath's Robotic Process Automation with PwC Experience

The future of work will be powered by tools that enable people to automate labor-intensive tasks so they can focus on analysis, creativity and innovation. UiPath’s enterprise platform, combined with PwC’s digital transformation experience and global market reach, can help take your organization forward, wherever you may be. Together, PwC and UiPath work to deliver more value for organization through a robust portfolio of automation solutions that can provide immediate impact for the enterprise.

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Global Innovation Partner Award

PwC has been recognized by UiPath with the Global Innovation Partner Award for developing and taking to market new products and solutions built around the UiPath platform.
2021 Global Partner Award
Forward IV

CEOs face an upskilling challenge

76% of CEOs believe the shift to embrace automation initiatives will endure beyond the pandemic

Nearly half of CEOs plan to increase their rate of digital investment by 10% or more.

Source: 24th CEO Survey

36% aim to focus on productivity through technology and automation.

Source: 24th CEO Survey

How PwC and UiPath empower the future of work 

Organizations around the world are seeking to transform how they operate. PwC and UiPath are helping to lead the way. Digital upskilling is critical to building the workforce of tomorrow, today. The UiPath RPA Platform is a component of how we’ve transformed ourselves, allowing us to deliver value and operational efficiencies within our firm – and to our clients.

PwC is taking lessons learned from our transformation to organizations globally, helping them develop and execute their own digital transformation strategy with RPA solutions. These solutions are designed to drive efficiencies by automating time-consuming tasks and freeing time to dedicate to value -add activities that benefit both individuals and the enterprise.

Discover automation and upskilling insights from PwC and UiPath

Our leaders in workforce transformation and RPA joined forces for a three-part webinar series:  In-demand – Conversations on upskilling, automation and our new reality. 

What’s in it for you?

Learn strategies for navigating the challenges of optimizing a remote workforce, scaling innovation with citizen-led models, supporting operational resilience and more.

Watch these discussions and gain perspectives on the business impacts of upskilling and RPA, complete the form below.

Part 1: Upskilling Your Remote Workforce

Part 2: Automation at Light Speed

Part 3: Embarking on a digital upskilling journey to drive change


You need to baseline digital skills for an organization and then give them a tool to learn new skills and apply new skills quickly. PwC was diligent in deciding on our tools. UiPath was one of them for automation. Once you teach people how to use the tools, the level of innovation people generate themselves is amazing. That’s what we call citizen-led.

Darren Lee, Principal, PwC

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