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PwC and Netskope

Keeping your data safe in a cloud-based world.

Detect threats, prevent attacks, and stop security breaches across all of your organization’s cloud environments – and on every device.

The cloud has changed the way business works. Your security needs to evolve along with it. With PwC and Netskope, your enterprise can:

  • Uncover shadow IT apps and continuously assess your IaaS security posture.
  • Demonstrate adherence to regulatory and industry requirements regarding the use of cloud services.
  • Ensure your cloud security plan is kept up-to-date and stays effective for the long term.
  • Develop a security incident response plan that’s designed specifically for the cloud.
  • Measure third-party security risks and gauge your organization’s readiness to thwart attacks.
  • Recover from incidents quickly and get back to business with minimal disruption.

85% of enterprise internet traffic has moved from the web to the cloud

Rethink your organization’s security landscape

The Netskope Security Cloud is designed to give you unequalled real-time visibility and protection for your organization when using cloud-based apps or accessing cloud-based data – no matter what device your users are working with.

Cloud Security Maturity Journey

Cloud security starts at the individual technology level and matures to include a comprehensive governance strategy.

“Ninety percent of all data in existence has been created in the last two years. Most of that information isn’t in the data center. It’s on mobile devices and cloud services. Every business needs to understand the unique risks that this move to the cloud presents – and it needs to take steps today to mitigate those risks.”

John StevensonPwC’s Netskope Alliance Leader

Focused PwC and Netskope solutions in action

Our cloud security services comprise a wide range of solutions for the digitally transformed world, including:

Develop and test a response plan

Gauge how well your current cloud incident response plan is working and measure your organization’s readiness for the future.

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Manage risk in a cloud environment

Develop a detailed plan to reduce the financial risk to your business due to a cloud-based security incident.

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Establish governance and controls

Build a strategy to manage how users interact with cloud-based services and data which prevents misuse and aids compliance with privacy regulations like GDPR and HIPAA.

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Quickly recover from attempted attacks

Swiftly get back to business after an attempted breach thanks to our rapid recovery playbook.

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Uncover hidden threats

Locate bad actors and remove them from your cloud operating environment.

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Train personnel for the long term

Continually update your incident response programs and educate users to reduce the chance of recurrence.

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Evaluate cloud vendor risk

Assess the safety of your organization’s cloud service providers and identify changes to their risk profile over time.

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Identify unsanctioned applications

Gauge how well your current cloud incident response plan is working and measure your organization’s readiness for the future.

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Create an environment that puts privacy first

Embed privacy controls throughout your cloud environment and audit cloud systems to ensure compliance.

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Ensure solutions have long-term suitability

Prepare your infrastructure for the future with a security solution that’s built to last.

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The value we bring to Netskope

Deep technology expertise

PwC has strong leadership and experience in developing comprehensive and sustainable security programs using Netskope’s cloud security platform. Our combined abilities and proven methodologies help to protect you from the most critical cloud-based threats.

Advice that informs your business

Our business professionals are able to leverage Netskope’s capabilities to provide insights into how security breaches can impact your business. A thorough understanding of the business risks of a breach better prepares you to manage those risks.

Minimal disruption to your operations

PwC’s seasoned professionals are experienced in using Netskope technologies, including encryption, pseudonymization of data and data loss prevention tools, to integrate security with your existing tools and processes, minimizing downtime.

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John Stevenson

Managing Director, PwC US

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Senior Manager, PwC US