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Case study

Reinventing client relationship management (CRM) using a digital deal management platform

Client: International real estate advisor

Our Role: Create a deal management platform based on Salesforce

Industry: Financial Services & Real Estate

Services: Technology, People & Organization, Strategic Alliances,

Client Challenge:

Find better ways to capture, share, and monetize deal analytics

For one large PwC client, handling billions of dollars’ worth of deals around the globe was taxing its legacy infrastructure. The company faced multiple applications, limited information sharing, and roadblocks to global collaboration. The company, an international real estate advisor, had to find better ways to track investors, as well as transactional and property data.

Executives wanted something far beyond a traditional customer relationship management (CRM) platform. They wanted to get data out of their brokers’ heads and onto a shared deal management platform where it could be more easily monetized. They also wanted fresh ways to collect and analyze data about deals in progress. Above all, the new platform needed to be mobile, flexible, fast, and easy to maintain. Bringing all of this together would help them increase market share and grow revenue.

“The new platform tracks vital information on Salesforce, not only about the deals that did go through but also about the ones that didn’t quite make it.”

- Erica Yung, PwC Financial Services Director


Create a common transaction management platform based on Salesforce

Our PwC team helped create a deal management platform based on Salesforce. We began with CRM capabilities, then added in marketing automation and a virtual deal room. This allowed brokers and clients to collaborate directly. The focus was on transaction management from developing leads through closing deals.

Our team also helped the company develop processes to effectively use data on deals that didn’t close. “The new platform tracks vital information on Salesforce, not only about the deals that did go through but also about the ones that didn’t quite make it,” said PwC Director Erica Yung. Brokers can now focus more on customer relationships, which is key to securing more deals in the future.

Platform deployment included a “business readiness” component to encourage new ways of working. It also involved intensive and ongoing senior leadership alignment, scenario-based user training, clear communications, and a robust super-user support network. The team balanced implementation on a regional basis to allow for cultural and national preferences with central governance to help maintain global consistency.


A new mindset leads to millions in increased revenue

Today, the company is reaping the benefits of the new platform. Its brokers and advisors now collaborate on one intuitive, global platform using standardized processes and relevant transaction data. Individual broker spreadsheets and contact databases roll up onto the single shared platform, making it much easier to match buyers and sellers around the world. The company has found new deal opportunities totaling billions and projects significant revenue growth over the next three years.

This kind of radical reinvention may be challenging, but companies need to do it in the context of a faster-moving and more unpredictable future. In this case, the results are already speaking for themselves.

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