Current Developments for the Real Estate Industry

Summer 2023

This edition of Current Developments for the Real Estate Industry gathers and summarizes current thought leadership and the latest regulatory rulings to help real estate audit committees and executive teams remain updated on the most recent trends in real estate.

Topics covered include:

  • In the market and recent real estate trends including the Global M&A Trends in Real Estate: 2023 Mid-Year Outlook and Real estate: US Deals midyear outlook
  • Accounting and financial reporting hot topics covering the worldwide impact of the Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive
  • Regulatory considerations including sustainability reporting and expanded share repurchase disclosures
  • Update on tax matters covering the FASB changes to accounting for tax credit investments
  • Governance discussion including the 2023 Q2 Audit Committee newsletter and why boards should pay attention to blockchain technology
  • Technology trends and update including Generative AI: What it really means for business

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