PwC's Accounting and Tax Symposium

The Accounting and Tax Symposium is an annual program hosted by PwC that precedes the American Accounting Association meeting. Selected accounting faculty from top colleges and universities across the country are invited to learn more about PwC and the profession. A variety of PwC partners and subject matter experts combine to provide a comprehensive update on topics that are important to the academic community.

The Accounting and Tax Symposium is a one and a half day in person program designed to update faculty on current business topics and issues. Our 2023 Symposium was hosted on August 3 & 4, 2023, and included the following topics and presenters:

Combined Accounting and Tax sessions:

  • Perspectives from PwC Leadership: Rod Adams, Ken Kuykendall, Kristin Francisco & Julie Peters

  • Experiencing Our Profession: Kristin Francisco, Ken Kuykendall, Carmelina Lalley, Carlos Wilson, Kaitlyn Radesca, Alli Uchida, Haley Buschhorn, Sarah Bramlett & Michael Mayper

  • My+ Leadership in Action: DeAnne Aussem & Danna Spenceley

  • Attracting Talent to the Accounting Profession: Carmelina Lalley & Julie Peters


Accounting session:

  • Regulatory Update: Kyle Moffatt, Roz Brooks & Tim Carey

  • Technology and Artificial Intelligence in the Audit: Jennifer Kosar & Tim Carey

  • Technology in the Audit Demonstration: Jon Swanson

  • Accounting and Audit Technical Update: Kathy Healy, Martin Thiselton-Dyer & Angela Fergason

Tax session:

  • Tax Legislative and Political Outlook: Rohit Kumar & Janice Mays

  • International and Domestic Tax Changes: Doug McHoney, Brooke Hrouda & Jennifer Spang

  • Pillar Two Operational Readiness - Preparing for what’s ahead: Doug McHoney, Balaji Ganapathi & Jennifer Spang

  • Tax Technology Demonstration: Balaji Ganapathi, Doug McHoney, Michael Corrales & Lauren Wong

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