PwC's Case Competition. Today's dynamic business environment requires analytical thinking, fact-based decision making, and collaborative action. You’ll experience it all first hand in Challenge, our entry level case competition.

The Challenge case competition models real-world business scenarios focusing on the strategic issues currently being faced by companies all over the world. It is open to all freshmen and sophomores (and juniors in a 5 year program) and does not require detailed knowledge of business concepts or accounting.

About the program

Join nearly 5,000 other students from 100 colleges and universities, learn more about the strategic issues companies all over the world are facing. In addition to gaining recognition for your critical thinking and communication skills, you’ll have the opportunity to connect with PwC professionals who will judge and provide input on your business cases and presentations.

How it works

Look for Challenge
Look for Challenge case competition informational events and materials at your school. Talk with your local PwC recruiter to learn more about the timing of the competition on your campus and start thinking about your potential teammates.

Build your team
Find your four or five member team.

  • At least two members of each team must have the intent to apply, applied or are currently enrolled in the Business School.
  • Teams are encouraged to include a member with the intent major/minor in STEM*

*Relevant STEM Majors/Minors include, but are not limited to: Data/Business Analytics, Engineering, Computer Science, Information Systems, Technology Management, Management Information Systems and Security

Eligible Participants

  • 1st (Freshman) and 2nd (Sophomore) year students in a 4 year program
  • 1st (Freshman), 2nd (Sophomore) and 3rd (Junior) year students in a 5 year program
  • Juniors in process of applying for a 5th year program

Attend official kick-off event
At the kick-off event, you and your teammates will learn how to collaborate together to address a significant business issue and develop skills to be a high-performing team. You will also meet with PwC representatives to receive your official case materials with instructions and further information.

Develop your solution
You and your team will have a designated period of time to develop your solution and consult with your faculty and PwC mentors for guidance and encouragement along the way.

What it takes

PwC launched Challenge in 2002, to increase students' exposure to professional services and the world of public accounting. Since then, the competition has grown substantially, with nearly 100 schools involved and almost 45,000 participants. The case competition continues to have a significant impact on our participants, helping them to better understand the vast career opportunities in professional services and connecting them with those in the industry. Winning teams demonstrate critical thinking, strong presentation skills, teamwork, and time management.

What's in it for me?

Team with friends to discuss and solve real world problems. Gain exposure to PwC professionals who will evaluate your teamwork, critical thinking and communication skills. Walk away with a stronger sense of professionalism and improved presentation skills, along with a broader network of relationships.

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