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Private Equity and Digitization: The hidden equity story


High prices, fierce competition and few opportunities for multiple arbitrage have made the going tough for private equity funds. Never mind buying at a low price and selling high – those days are gone, at least for now. What sets successful private equity managers apart?

Upcoming Webcast: Trends and Opportunities Shaping Today’s Deals Landscape


Join us and The Conference Board on Thursday, September 1 at 3:00 PM ET for the webcast – Trends and Opportunities Shaping Today’s Deals Landscape. It’s a preview of what’s in store at the 2016 Corporate Development Conference.

Seven fundamental tenets of successful integration


Delivering deal value is far from a mystery, even in today’s dynamic deal environment. The most experienced dealmakers say they know what to do—and are reporting success. But that success is getting harder to come by.

Strategy+Business: Deals that win


In our schema of M&A, deals fall into three categories: leverage, enhancement, and limited fit.

US News and World Report: Nasdaq vs. NYSE: Why Companies Choose One Over the Other


The exchanges have distinct histories, though both claim a substantial share of shareholder's dreams. PwC’s David Ethridge weighs in.

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