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2015 Global Digital IQ® Survey

Are you a Digital IQ leader?

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Since 2007, our Digital IQ® Survey has asked one simple question:

What actions can leaders take to ensure their digital investments deliver and sustain value?

To get to the answer, we studied the behavior and corporate performance of nearly 2,000 executives, drawn evenly from the technology and business sides of global organisations.

We analysed more than 25 attributes, spanning strategy, innovation, and execution to isolate the 10 attributes that correlate with stronger financial performance.

Digital IQ leaders are twice as likely to achieve rapid revenue and profit growth as the laggards in our study.

Digital IQ attributes driving business growth: Strategy

  • Our CEO is a champion for digital.

  • The executive responsible for digital are involved in setting high-level business strategy.

  • Business-aligned digital strategy is agreed upon and shared at the C-level.

  • Business and digital strategy are well communicated enterprise-wide.


of companies say that business and digital strategy are shared enterprise-wide.

Digital IQ attributes driving business growth: Innovation

  • Digital enterprise investments are made primarily for competitive advantage.

  • We actively engage with external sources to gather new ideas for applying emerging technologies.


make investments primarily for competitive advantage.

Digital IQ attributes driving business growth: Execution

  • We effectively utilise all the data we capture to drive business value.

  • We proactively evaluate and plan for security and privacy risks in digital enterprise projects.

  • We have a single, multi-year digital enterprise roadmap that includes business capabilities and processes as well as digital and IT components.

  • We consistently measure outcomes from our digital technology.


of companies have a comprehensive roadmap that includes business capabilities and process.

Will your digital strategy drive top-line growth or real disruption?

71% of digital disruptors continually look for opportunities to digitise the business, compared with 63% of other companies.

Digital disconnect: how leaders define digital
Which executive is ultimately responsible for digital enterprise investments?
Which executive is ultimately responsible for digital enterprise investments in your company?
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