PwC's industry-specific digital solutions – on the Salesforce1 Platform

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In an always on digital world, businesses need new ways to manage customer relationships. But when it comes to digital, one size does not fit all. Customer-facing professionals need solutions that are customized for the unique needs of their respective industries.

Whether it's empowering retailers with on the fly consumer purchase history; alerting wealth managers to new regulatory requirements; streamlining the Configure-Price-Quote process for manufacturers; or helping healthcare providers extend care beyond the office visit, PwC's customized solutions can help.

Our current Fullforce solutions customized for industries include Total Retail Clienteling, Wealth Management, Inquire to Order for Manufacturing, and Patient Digital Care.

PwC’s new industry-specific digital solutions, based on the Salesforce1 Platform and wrapped by our consulting services, help our vertical market clients strengthen their competitive advantage.

Developed for major markets including retail, financial services, health care and manufacturing, the customized solutions are uniquely developed to address the realities and pressures of each market.

Customized digital solutions for your industry

Our industry-specific digital solutions help empower businesses and employees to:

  • gain real-time insight into customers and prospects;
  • visualize relationships and collaborate with co-workers for up- and cross-sell opportunities;
  • obtain real-time information about business and regulatory issues;
  • translate insight into action with pre-built analytical capabilities and templates

The Salesforce1 Platform enables access anywhere, anytime, across any device. Our deep vertical market knowledge, experience and comprehensive consulting capabilities help businesses get the most from their technology solutions.


Our industry-specific solutions powered by

Retail: Total Retail Clienteling Solution

Today’s retailers need real-time access to customer information to make informed cross-sell and up-sell recommendations. They need to provide seamless interactions and experiences across multiple channels—including online, in-store, on mobile devices and via social media— to meet rising customer demands. PwC’s Total Retail Clienteling solution—powered by—provides an integrated and personalized customer experience across store, social, and mobile channels. Available as a native iPad application, the solution also leverages the Salesforce1 Mobile App.

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Financial Services: Wealth Management Solution

In today’s competitive environment, wealth managers and brokerage firms are continuously assessing opportunities to grow revenue and better manage costs and risks. With increased regulatory changes and clients demanding instantaneous access to information, wealth managers need to find new ways to stay competitive. Most importantly, wealth managers need greater visibility into existing relationships with prospects, clients and co-workers to increase up- and cross-sell opportunities. PwC's Wealth Management solution, powered by Salesforce and wrapped by consulting services, can help our wealth manager clients take their businesses to the next level.

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Manufacturing: PwC's Inquire to Order Solution

As today's manufacturers transition from a product- to service-oriented model, many have legacy IT environments that can't keep pace with change or cope with the proliferation of data due to the rise of the Industrial Internet. Further, new integration features are important for configure-price-quote (CPQ) solutions, which need to discover, select, and combine product and service options to create a configured solution, while taking into consideration relevant rules and constraints. PwC's Inquire to Order solution addresses the needs of manufacturers with capabilities such as sales force automation; CPQ optimization; a 360 degree client view; and an optimized mobile field sales experience.

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Healthcare: Patient Digital Care Solution

Today's healthcare providers often rely on manual, inefficient processes to find and share information that can help improve patient care. Better patient engagement is important to improve overall outcomes and manage costs and risk. PwC’s Patient Digital Care solution, wrapped by business transformation, is an accelerator based on the Salesforce1 Platform, which helps providers boost patient engagement beyond the office visit. The solution, which will continue to evolve with increasingly robust functionality, enables providers to rapidly identify third-party care support resources specific to a patient’s condition and geographic location.

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