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Mobility managed services

Enhancing the mobility experience for the business and employees.

Managing a mobile, multinational workforce is only getting more complex as companies are working to quickly and effectively address tax, regulatory and compliance issues amid a rapidly changing landscape. As the leading managed service provider, PwC provides an optimal mobility experience for the business, HR and mobile employees by offering both Mobility Tax Compliance and Mobility Consulting and Operations managed services that can work seamlessly together or alone.

Mobility managed services can help companies that are working to optimize their mobility department, but don’t have the sustained ability or appetite to manage the operation themselves. We employ a flexible, scalable and agile delivery model backed by a tech-enabled, cross-functional, integrated approach to meet the needs and requirements of all types of mobility. PwC’s Mobility Managed Services approach utilizes your people to reimagine your tax function, realize savings and efficiently transform with a dedicated automation and transition team.

Mobility managed services helps you meet challenges by:

Navigating a complex regulatory environment

The regulatory insight and knowledge you need coupled with specialties in tax, immigration, and social security.

Managing an extensive people function

A flexible resource model with the ability to scale as needed, maintaining a focus on technical acumen and digital upskilling.

Keeping current with advancements in technology

Leverage PwC's proprietary tax technology and data-driven process to minimize business disruption, improve quality, and provide you strategic insights.

Ongoing cost pressures

PwC’s process and technology create an agile service delivery model that can drive significant savings.

Why Mobility Managed Services?

Cost efficiencies driven by potential headcount reduction and automation.

Access to qualified resources, as needed, via the PwC network.

Coordinated, tech-enabled global approach to delivering mobility needs at scale

Create capacity to focus on continuous mobility strategy, policy and process improvements, enabled by PwC technical resources and digital tools.

Preserve historical knowledge, relationships and processes.

Leverage the large amounts of data and continuous technological enhancements within PwC.

Maintain control of your organization, drive strategy and communicate key mobility messages.

Accelerate innovation by combining PwC process improvements and technology and leveraging the same data across the mobility ecosystem.

Gain efficiencies through a connected mobility technology ecosystem that provides up-to-date daily status tracking and reporting.

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Our Offerings

PwC Mobility Tax Compliance provides an alternate solution for clients who are looking to optimize their tax department, but don’t have the appetite or sustained ability to manage the compliance function internally.

  • Compliance services:
    • Cost projections and accruals
    • Assignment documentation and coordination of relocation services
    • Tax admin and coordination of tax services
    • Immigration admin
    • Allowance calculations, shadow payroll/year end and coordination of payroll services
    • TEQ administration and follow-up
    • CoC audit

Our end-to-end approach to mobility consulting and operations brings a tech-enabled, holistic, integrated approach that transforms the user experience for the business, HR and the mobile employee. Through this offering we provide:

  1. Program advisory services
    • Point of contact for Managers, HR, functional teams, employees and vendors
    • Mobility education and awareness programs
    • Program reporting and analytics
    • Policy and program effectiveness benchmarking
  2. Program administration services
    • Case management
    • Exception tracking
    • Assignment packages (cost estimate, letter, compensation worksheet)
    • Assignee briefings
    • CoC/A1 application coordination
    • Vendor coordination/escalation/SLAs tracking
    • Allowance updates
    • Home leave coordination
    • Payroll (shadow payroll coordination, global compensation collection and payroll updates/year-end)
    • TEQ administration and follow-up
    • Assignee support (“call center”)
  • myMobility
    • PwC’s proprietary technology, myMobility, allows for a single access point for sharing and tracking services, data, and activities including: 
    • Identifying obligations and registration requirements during travel,
    • Real-time status updates on tax returns and missing information,
    • Attributes of the mobility tax program, including global compensation, business travellers, and global share plans.
  • Leverage myMobility’s dashboard for a holistic view of mobility operations with the ability to review real-time information and workflow.
  • Explore PwC's Global Mobility services to expand on your integrated mobility experience

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