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What is Biden proposing for healthcare in a possible first term?

Trine K. Tsouderos HRI Regulatory Center Leader, PwC US October 29, 2020

Should he win the presidential election, former Vice President Joe Biden envisions a return to the Obama administration’s approach to healthcare: building on the Affordable Care Act (ACA) through incremental expansions in government-subsidized coverage, continuing CMS’ progress toward value-based care and supporting modernization of the FDA. Bolder ideas, such as developing a public option, resolving “surprise billing,” allowing for negotiation of drug prices by Medicare, handing power to a third party to help set prices for some life sciences products, and raising the corporate tax rate, could be more challenging to achieve without overwhelming majorities for Democrats in both the House and the Senate.

HRI boiled down Biden’s healthcare priorities into one graphic, along with the proposals’ likelihood of gaining traction and implications for industry. Should he win, HRI will publish a comprehensive report on his healthcare agenda.

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