What if you had somewhere to turn when you encountered the unimaginable?

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People of PwC

People Who Care Fund

A flagship program since 2001, the People Who Care Fund continues to anchor our Foundation. When an unexpected event causes emergency financial hardship and urgent help is needed, we support the people of PwC and their immediate family members through tax-free charitable grants.

Progress highlights

You do your best to plan in life, but something unforeseen inevitably happens. When that something is a financial distress related to the loss of a family member, family emergencies, natural disasters, or similarly challenging circumstances — and you have nowhere else to go — you can seek assistance from the People Who Care Fund. In FY18, the Foundation supported nearly 400 people of PwC in their times of need with $1.2m in People Who Care Fund grants.

Rebuilding communities after disasters

The devastation from natural disasters continues long after the winds die down, flooding subsides, and the tremors stop. Rebuilding can be a frustrating and slow process for people who have already experienced massive disruptions to their lives. In FY18, through the People Who Care Fund, the Foundation granted $579,000 to 266 PwCers who were affected by hurricanes Harvey, Irma, and Maria and the earthquake in Mexico.

invested in FY18

Providing shelter after the storm

The strongest hurricane to hit Puerto Rico in more than 80 years, Maria quickly destroyed homes, cut off all electricity, and flooded neighborhoods throughout the island. Among the millions impacted by the storm was Omar, a PwC Manager based in San Juan. The hurricane wreaked havoc on Omar's community and his home, which sustained substantial water damage. With his family and friends also severely impacted by the storm, Omar had nowhere else to turn. A grant from the People Who Care Fund assisted him during this time of financial hardship. "Thanks to the People Who Care Fund I was able to repair my home. I am extremely grateful for the support of the Fund, as it provided me comfort, knowing my family and home would be taken care of."

"After numerous appointments and surgeries, Noah's medical bills were extremely high, which was a big financial worry for me and my family. Without the financial help and support from the People Who Care Fund, we would not have been able to cope. Receiving this grant helped us focus more of our positive energy on Noah's recovery rather than worrying about the financial side of things."

Staying positive on the road to recovery

When Janine, a PwC Executive Assistant in Philadelphia, noticed her son Noah walking with a limp, her first thought was that he must have been hurt while playing sports at school. Nearly a dozen hospital and pediatrician visits later, Janine was faced with the painful reality that her son may never walk properly again, as a rare blood disease was causing his bones to crumble. With medical bills piling up, and a long road ahead with multiple surgeries and months of physical therapy for Noah, Janine turned to the Foundation for help. A grant from the People Who Care Fund helped Janine with uninsured costs of her son's care.

Supporting the family after a home fire

For most, New Year's Eve is a night for celebration, but for Diane, a PwC Senior Associate in Chicago, the night was marked with tragedy. A devastating fire in her condo building left Diane and her daughters without a home. An emergency grant from the People Who Care Fund helped Diane and her family’s immediate needs as they began the long process of recovering their possessions and rebuilding their lives. "The People Who Care Fund came to my rescue with a grant that I was able to use for meals, school necessities for my youngest daughter, and toiletries/hygiene products while in a hotel for three weeks. While it was not easy going through this life-changing event, and the unknown of what still lies ahead for me and my daughters, knowing that I had and continue to have the support of my fellow coworkers and the Foundation’s People Who Care Fund backing me up and being there to help me when needed, I am confident and can rest easy knowing it will all be okay.”

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Charlotte Coker Gibson

Charlotte Coker Gibson

Executive Director, Charitable Foundation, PwC US