Our commitment to diversity

Our diversity initiatives and strategies are designed to attract, develop, and advance the most talented individuals regardless of their race, sexual orientation, religion, age, gender, disability status or any other dimension of diversity. Our distinctive approach to diversity is based on a belief that we each have a personal accountability for success in this area. We provide our people with training and tools to help increase their awareness and understanding of differences and why they matter, so their actions can contribute to our inclusive and high-performing workplace culture.

"Role models inspire others by bringing possibilities to life. And I believe we all have the power to shape the course of other people's careers. Active sponsorship makes all the difference when it comes to advancing diverse professionals."

Maria Castañón Moats
Chief Diversity Officer

"At PwC, we foster an inclusive culture by acknowledging the unique experiences and perspectives all of our people bring to work. Our goal is to be known as the place to build a career, regardless of one's background, beliefs, gender or sexual orientation.  Diversity, in all its dimensions, is a key element of our people and our client strategy, and we continue to invest in the area diversity and inclusion knowing we will ultimately be measured on the progress we make."

Bob Moritz
US Chairman and Senior Partner

At PwC, our focus on diversity and inclusion is about making PwC a great place to work for all of our people. We focus on diversity because it's the right thing to do and it's good for our business. Doing the right thing is how we best serve our clients, so it only makes sense that it is incorporated into our overall business strategy and our focus on our people. You can see and feel our commitment from the top down. Diversity is embedded in the way we think about business.
PwC's Minority Circles, Women's Networking Circles, Parenting Circles, and Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual and Transgender (GLBT) Circles are designed as professional forums to help women, ethnic minorities, parents, and gay and lesbian professionals connect with one another and provide mentoring, learning and development opportunities. They also give professionals access to role models that help them develop and advance.  We have most recently established the Special-Needs Caregivers Circle with the mission to provide a nationwide support network of professionals who have a disability or special need or have someone in their lives with a disability or special need. 
As a 2007 Catalyst Award winner, PwC understands that gender differences do matter. In fact, our People Strategy includes a philosophical approach to developing talent. Instead of treating everyone the same, we have a customized approach to fit the diversity of our people to create a culture of inclusion. To date, our efforts have paid off. More than half of the firm's new hires each year are women and their representation at the partner level continues to steadily increase.
PwC actively supports GLBT professionals through its GLBT Circles as well as our GLBT Partner Advisory Board. The Board
represents a diverse range of tenure, professional skill and life experience and advises firm leadership on the planning and implementation of GLBT initiatives which continue to make an impact.  Since 2006, PwC has scored 100% on HRC's Corporate Equality Index.
We believe that a strong supplier diversity program is a key element to a successful diversity program. At PwC, we support organizations and programs that certify, train, and develop diverse suppliers. We know that our diversity efforts have a positive economic impact on the communities where we do business. Our goal is to partner with diverse companies that can provide innovative and competitive solutions to our supply chain, thereby offering competitive products and services to the firm, as well as those that are complementary to the services we provide our clients. PwC partners with business enterprises that are qualified and certified as disability-owned (DBE); minority-owned (MBE); veteran-owned (VBE); women-owned (WBE); and/or lesbian/gay/bisexual/transgender-owned (LGBTBE). If you are interested in partnering with PwC, tell us about yourself by sending information about your company to supplier.diversity@us.pwc.com.