2015 Global Digital IQ Survey

Will your digital strategy drive top-line growth or real disruption?

Since 2007, the Digital IQ® Survey has asked one simple question: What actions can leaders take to confirm their digital investments deliver and sustain value

This year, our survey of nearly 2,000 executives - drawn evenly from the technology and business sides of global organisations identified 10 critical capabilities that correlate with stronger financial performance.

Top-performing companies are more deliberate in their digital strategy, innovation, and execution. They are more likely to have CEO commitment, strategic clarity, and shared understanding. They are more apt to take a broad view when applying technology and identifying sources of innovation. And they are more prone to being skilled at turning their data into insight, proactive in cybersecurity, and consistent in measuring outcomes from digital investments.

Those organisations that displayed these attributes - our Digital IQ leaders - were twice as likely to achieve more rapid revenue and profit growth as the laggards in our study.