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Market and workforce trends continue to transform our business model, especially as it relates to a one-size-fits-all career path. In addition to our existing workforce, we are forming a network of high-quality, talented professionals who may work for us for fixed periods of time throughout the year. PwC’s Flexibility² Talent Network™ is an attractive option for individuals who want to stay connected to the firm, our profession or the industry and enjoy a variety of client cultures and experiences for a few months of the year, while pursuing other interests for the remainder of the year.

"PwC offered the training and an opportunity to work with a prestigious public firm during one busy season. The time I spent at PwC brushed up my knowledge and enhanced my experience." New York

"I worked for PwC on a full-time basis for six years and was looking for an opportunity to work on a seasonal basis going forward. PwC has offered me the opportunity to return to the firm for busy season, working for one of my old clients. My client loves having someone on the engagement team who has been working on their account for 8 years. I love working for PwC and really enjoy having a flexible schedule. This path has truly been the perfect fit for my client, my family, and me." Tampa

"I joined PwC in Houston in 2009, and I really enjoyed my time at the firm -- making great friends and learning a great deal. But I left in March 2012 to take time to travel and enjoy different experiences.... choosing this path provided me with additional funds to continue my travels without committing myself to a full year." Houston

"I worked in Tax from 1985 to 2005. After 20 years of a demanding life style, I resigned from my position as director to start retirement early. I found the experience enjoyable, especially when dealing with new and aspiring temps and interns." Chicago

"After staying at home with my kids for a couple of years, I decided I wanted to go back to work, but I wasn't ready to jump back into the full swing of things, and wanted to start slow. PwC was able to offer this to me through the contingent workforce program. I was able to work on a relatively low stress flexible schedule with an amazing group of people. This program has given me the opportunity to come back to work with the work/life balance I needed." Seattle

"My background was extremely helpful to the success of the engagement. My previous experience with pwc as an experienced manager allowed me to be immediately plugged in to a role on the engagement. The firm's support of flexibility was awesome. I managed to get my job done and do the things I wanted to with my family life." Dallas

"I had almost four years of experience in the alternative investment industry and was able to leverage what I know to function in my role as a Senior Associate. I assisted staff with their assigned work and helped my co-senior by getting more involved in the more detailed areas. Since I was able to do my role as a Senior by looking at the details of the work along with the lead Senior, our Senior Manager was able to focus on the bigger issues of the engagement" New York

Who is a Flexibility² Talent Network (FTN) member?
A FTN member is an individual who works for a definitive period at a specific staff level to do a particular client role. This individual will work for PwC for a few months of the year, as part of an engagement team, and serve public and private clients on a variety of projects that cover a spectrum of industries. If a candidate is successful in the FTN role, and there are market needs, he/she could recur on engagements as a FTN member in subsequent years, so that seamless client service and people experience occurs.

What is our plan for FTN for the 2013-2014 "busy season"?
For this "busy season", we plan to hire members in Assurance and Tax at staff levels ranging from experienced associate through manager. Staff level, location and timing will be based on market demand.

Why would someone choose to be a FTN member versus a traditional employee?
We see this as an attractive option for individuals who want to stay connected to PwC, our profession or the industry, and enjoy a variety of client cultures and experiences for a few months of the year, while having enough free time to pursue other interests for the remainder of the year.

What benefit programs are FTN members eligible for?
FTN members will be eligible to participate in qualified plans (401(k) and Wealth Builder), Health & Welfare Plans (excluding Short and Long Term Disability plans) and select additional PwC benefits/perks. For specific questions, please contact a recruiter via email at Flexibility2TalentNetwork@us.pwc.com.

Are FTN members required to have a CPA license?
Licensure requirements vary depending on the line of service and staff level. Refer to the position/program requirements listed in the job opportunity for which you are interested.

What type of training will FTN members get when they come to PwC?
FTN members will receive an introduction to PwC, our culture and values during their first week at the firm. Additional technical training based on line of service, staff level and role and responsibilities will be provided during the contract period.

Will FTN members be expected to travel if there are needs in other markets?
FTN members are hired to meet market needs. In some cases, a client need may arise and the FTN member will be asked to travel to another market; however this will be discussed in advance. Travel is not expected to be extensive if not agreed ahead of time.

What happens after busy season? Is there any guarantee of future employment?
After the contract period ends, there is no guarantee of future employment, however at the time that future needs are known, those who performed well will learn of opportunities to consider.

What type of connectivity will FTN members have with PwC after their contract period?
We are developing a connectivity program, which will, at a minimum, include regular touch points and communications from both local market Human Resources and the National FTN Human Resources Leader.

To view current openings in our Flexibility² Talent Network and to submit your resume click here.

If you have questions, please send a message to Flexibility2TalentNetwork@us.pwc.com and one of the recruiters will get in touch with you.

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PwC was ranked #2 in DiversityInc magazine’s list of Top 50 Companies for Diversity in 2013.

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