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A career path is about the choices we make. Whether it's for the long-term or for shorter periods of time, PwC provides meaningful experiences based on your needs. Our Flexibility² Talent Network (FTN) is a group of experienced individuals who support our client engagement teams across all lines of service during specific periods of the year. There are many reasons why individuals would choose this kind of employment. They might have a seasonal beach side business, are passionate about volunteering or need to care for a family member. One common thread connecting our people across the Flexibility² Talent Network is that they all want to stay current and connected to the profession, even for a few months of the year. As one of our FTN members said, "PwC has offered me the opportunity to return to the firm for busy season, working for one of my old clients. My client loves having someone on the engagement team who has been working on their account for eight years. This path has truly been the perfect fit for my client, my family, and me."

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