PwC and Workday: Working together to simplify your business

The Challenge:

Today’s market forces are constantly pressuring organizations to build high performance cultures, placing talent on par with financial results at the top of the CEO’s agenda.

HR and finance aren’t just back office functions anymore!

They’re considered equally important elements to gain valuable insights, drive growth, and enable business process improvements.

The Strategy:

To be successful, you need a plan that goes beyond just a simple system implementation. You need a new talent and finance strategy specifically tailored to your business and its industry along with innovative technology that highlights the role of human capital while effectively managing financial performance.

The Solution:

Making that transition from “where we are” to “where we need to be” can seem daunting - that’s where PwC and Workday come in.

We help clients across industries improve their business processes with Workday technology. We leverage our deep industry experience to provide integrated solutions that map to your company’s strategic business objectives.

Our goal: to collaborate closely with our clients to meet their business needs.

Our tools: insight and technology

From strategy through execution.
We help our clients tackle their toughest business challenges leveraging Workday Technology.

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The need for hard data on people is greater than ever before.

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34% of US CEOs are “extremely concerned” about
the availability of key skills.

Employers across industries have many questions around ACA reporting. PwC and Workday have solutions to eliminate the guess work and help keep you in compliance.

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ACA Reporting: What you need
to know to stay compliant

We are business integrators, not simply system integrators. Our solutions are business-led and technology-enabled. We can help create a more efficient and effective organization that can address and sustain constant change, leveraging Workday solutions to:

  • Unify HR and Talent Management into a single system-of-record
  • Gain operational visibility and accuracy and promote cost-effectiveness
  • Build effective teams by searching for workers by talent, skills, and profile
  • Get a full range of financial capabilities, relevant analytics, and metrics
  • Use unified process controls and security to promote proper regulatory compliance
  • Take advantage of instant global consolidation across entities and currencies
  • Increase your organizational agility and innovation