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About HRI

PwC's Health Research Institute (HRI) provides new intelligence, perspectives and analysis on trends affecting all health-related industries. HRI helps executive decision makers navigate change through primary research and collaborative exchange. Our views are shaped by a network of professionals with executive and day-to-day experience in the health industry.

Our thought leadership is accessible through a variety of means, depending on an organization's needs:

  • Thought Leadership: HRI’s Health Reports focus on large-scale issues, including industry-wide developments and trends. Reports deliver meaningful information and best practices to the industry.
  • Consultation: HRI is often consulted to provide a comprehensive perspective of the health industry and current issues driving the industry.
  • Presentations: HRI management team is often invited to present and speak at industry and organization conferences.

Kelly Barnes

Global and US Health Industries Leader, Dallas, PwC US


Benjamin Isgur

Health Research Institute Leader, Dallas, PwC US


Trine K. Tsouderos

HRI Regulatory Center Leader, Chicago, PwC US

+1 (312) 241 3824


Sarah Haflett

Director, Health Research Institute, Philadelphia, PwC US


Ben Comer

Senior Manager, Health Research Institute, Orlando, PwC US


Alexander Gaffney

Senior Manager, Health Research Institute, Washington, PwC US

+1 (202) 836 1604


Jason Ranville

Senior Manager, Health Research Institute, Chicago, PwC US


Ingrid Stiver

Senior Manager, Health Research Institute, Denver, PwC US