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Supporting underserved students in reaching their full potential through mentorship

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Making sense of mountains of data

iMentor builds mentoring relationships that empower first-generation students from low-income communities to graduate high school, succeed in college and achieve their ambitions. Over the years, they’ve collected data around mentor behavior — how often mentors met with mentees, which mentors participated in fundraising efforts, which sought to understand the importance of educational equity. iMentor wanted to analyze their data in ways that would help them understand what contributes to a more meaningful mentorship experience in order to expand and improve their reach.

     In the client’s words

“Thanks so much for ALL you did on this project. We are grateful and will be using the recommendations, insights and data as we map mentor experience priorities and strategies for 2019 and beyond.”

Katie Stearns, Senior Director of Mentor Engagement, iMentor
Using dashboards to track — and quantify — excellence

Using dashboards to track — and quantify — excellence

PwC professionals have a history of volunteering with iMentor — over 200 PwC’ers provide mentoring through the organization. Of the nine PwC members on the pro bono team, four served as mentors through iMentor in Chicago. Their familiarity with the organization’s mission helped them quickly align and get to work.

The PwC team worked with iMentor to identify key performance indicators connected to factors that would inform how to engage mentors in their mission, recruit more mentors and serve more students. The firm’s data analysts leveraged advanced analytic tools to provide qualitative recommendations and a dashboard that visualized the data in a way iMentor’s research team understood immediately — they could see the connection between mentor behavior and student impact. They could now quantify mentorship practices to encourage and repeat, to map and improve the experience for both mentors and mentees and help them set aspirational goals for their long-term strategic plan.

Applying a customer journey lens to the mentor experience

Applying a customer journey lens to the mentor experience

PwC’s experience in data-driven solutions brought new insights to the mentor lifecycle for iMentor. By applying a customer journey lens to mentors’ experiences, the PwC team helped iMentor assess how mentors contribute holistically across multiple impact points with the organization — not just in their 1:1 relationships with students — and distill those points into measurements the organization can track and encourage.

iMentor can now use data more strategically to encourage people to become more impactful mentors. iMentor gleans insights around how mentors experience the onboarding and orientation processes by viewing their volunteers from a customer-service perspective, which showcased opportunities for further efficiencies and better communication. By improving elements across the mentor lifecycle, iMentor is recruiting and cultivating motivated participants who can deliver on the promise of iMentor — providing powerful support to first-generation students to help position them up for a host of positive life outcomes.

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