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Can AI change the map of opportunity?

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Responsible Business Leadership in action

Keeping pace with the rate of digitally driven change in our rapidly advancing world can be daunting. We’re investing in our people’s skills now, but true transformation requires long-term, systemic solutions. That’s why PwC is extending our upskilling strategy to large populations of Americans who are often left out of the digital economy—and we’re using our skills in areas like artificial intelligence to help us do it.

See how big data helps today’s leaders better visualize what drives opportunity in America.

How PwC helps Opportunity Nation use big data to expand economic mobility

Opportunity is not evenly distributed across America. Some communities have more than others. Leaders tackling this gap must make hard choices about how to focus limited resources. There’s a saying that you can’t improve what you can’t measure. But what should leaders do when there are so many measurements that it’s not clear how they fit together? What should they address first? What actions might create a cascade of effects across seemingly unrelated metrics?

Opportunity Nation helps address this challenge through its Opportunity Index. It’s the nation’s only tool to encompass an array of factors and holistically measure opportunity. Recently, PwC’s Artificial Intelligence Accelerator stepped in to make the data even more useful for decision makers. PwC’s pro bono work with Opportunity Nation underscores conventional wisdom while unveiling unexpected risks that communities might not yet see.

Big data powers better decisions

The more you understand the world around you, the more you can change it for the better. With PwC’s help, the Opportunity Index is equipping leaders across the country with the information they need to help make tough choices about how to improve their communities and to help close the opportunity gap.

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