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Can thoughtful UX give survivors a voice?

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Turning the tide of gender-based violence and human trafficking

Survivors of gender-based violence and human trafficking need the justice system on their side. AEquitas is on a mission to hold offenders accountable and promote survivor safety by highlighting the role of prosecutors and other professionals as catalysts for change. The organization provides resources to help educate prosecutors, policymakers, the courts, attorneys, public advocacy groups, law schools and the public to change the way these cases are viewed and understood. AEquitas offers training, case consultation and mentorship to help justice system professionals around the world reexamine and refine their approach.

In the ten years since its founding, AEquitas has provided more than 940 trainings in the US and 20 countries, approximately 29,000 consultation hours, and its specialists are often consulted in high-profile national cases.

As the organization extended its impact, it needed to update its vast content library and develop user-friendly navigation. The tools and practices are powerful only when prosecutors can quickly find the right information for the challenge at hand.

“Our website now showcases the breadth and depth of our work in a way that allows the field to easily consume information. Prosecutors want to give survivors a voice, and our new website can help them do that.”

Jennifer G. Long, CEO, AEquitas
A statue of Lady Justice holding balance scales and a sword

Helping prosecutors speed straight to the resources they need

Starting with an in-depth listening and consulting session, we helped guide AEquitas through a thoughtful rebranding and digital transformation journey. PwC's eight-member team included professionals in user experience, digital technology, web design and development, brand identity, corporate storytelling, and diversity and inclusion.

PwC worked closely with the organization to drive this transformation, including:

  • Interactive planning sessions: PwC conducted workshops with AEquitas staff to get to the heart of its message.
  • Community engagement: PwC conducted a survey to engage the organization’s community in its site redesign.
  • Customized content management system: The new site includes back-end customization that allows the AEquitas staff to easily manage and add new content and resources.
  • Content templates: Customized content templates help support future design enhancements.
  • An integrated content strategy: Extensive AEquitas resources — including PDFs, webinars, videos, audio and legal resources — are organized to be easily searchable and accessible.
  • User metrics capabilities: AEquitas can capture user metrics to support its fundraising efforts.
  • Editorial insight: PwC helped AEquitas make sensitive, empathetic imagery and editorial choices that take into consideration the challenging nature of the issues the organization handles.
  • A social media road map: PwC helped AEquitas continue its new brand rollout into social media.

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