Personalize customer and agent experiences with Digital Contact Solutions

Build a customer experience (CX) core that can help empower agents to deliver more personalized and empathetic service by working alongside artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning and generative AI to deliver faster, higher quality experiences.

Contact and service centers are the epicenter of digital innovation today. Under extreme pressure to improve stakeholder experiences, they are becoming the CX core of companies. By symbiotically leveraging live agents and AI, companies can reduce service costs by 20% to 30% for one of the highest cost items in modern business while helping improve experience.

Digital Contact Solutions (DCS) can help build, execute and operationalize a contact strategy that can enhance customer, employee and stakeholder interactions through each step of the contact journey.

Transform interactions throughout the contact journey

DCS can develop and implement a strategy that can transform the cycle of stakeholder interactions by leveraging an integrated data fabric to better inform your CX core. Using tools and accelerators enabled by Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning (ML) and generative AI, we can help increase customer satisfaction and lifetime value, empower agents so we can deliver better experiences while driving employee satisfaction, and ultimately enhancing operational costs while helping open up revenue generating opportunities.


Outbound orchestration

Reduce the number of communications customers receive while helping improve the contact success rate and decrease operational overhead.

Orchestrate across channels, frequency, and timing using AI propensity modeling.

Predictive analytics

Tailor customer interactions by helping identify triggers and preferences based on historical customer contact data.

Identify key indicators and deep insights for when and why customers reach out to help streamline inbound communications and improve proactive outbound outreach, improving the overall performance of your contact centers.

During contact

Conversational AI

Helps resolve customer questions or needs through conversational channels, such as interactive voice response (IVR), Chatbot, or SMS, improving CX so they can free up agents to focus on more complex problems.

Rather than traditional “menu-based” approaches to customer service, use natural language processing and connections to broader enterprise data fabric to help develop self-service tools.

Intelligent agent assist

Reduce agent handle times, helps increase speed to proficiency, and improve resolution rates using AI automation/ augmentation along with a simplified agent experience.

Put agents in a position to succeed through workforce and task enhancements modeling as well as intelligent contact routing. Guide customer and agent interactions by automating processes and augmenting interactions based on knowledge articles, industry-leading recommendations, and sentiment analysis.

Post contact

Agent analytics and automation

Reduce the time agents spend on manual logging calls or performing follow-up actions like case creation, so they can free them up to deliver more personalized and empathetic customer experiences.

Helping establish a more efficient follow-through of customer interactions by leveraging AI to help automate and analyze call summaries, transcriptions, Questions and Answers (Q&A) and next-steps documentation.

The PwC and Microsoft advantage

DCS can combine the power of Microsoft — including its industry leading conversational AI tools, Azure ML and OpenAI and Nuance capabilities — with PwC’s strategic knowledge in helping companies create value, improve business outcomes and drive customer experience.

Using advanced analytics, AI, and industry know-how, PwC and Microsoft can develop a 360-degree view of the customer, unassisted self-service channels, and a CX core that can help enhance interactions. Leverage technology to help empower live agents. Hyperautomate repetitive requests. Elevate agents to higher value work and help them resolve issues faster with intelligent insights and AI assistants.

Our model can bring AI and technology teams together to help assess and identify hundreds of use cases across the value chain, develop a governance structure that can enable faster and safer adoption, and help stand up an AI factory that can systemize transformation to incrementally improve efficiencies as use cases are implemented.

PwC has also developed DCS accelerators/tech-enabled assets that, in conjunction with our services, can help reduce implementation times by more than half. We deploy smart agent tools that can help empower customer experience agents to efficiently handle complex queries when needed and enable a smooth transition between automated versus human-assisted support.

Together, PwC and Microsoft can offer clients size-enabled scalability, reduction in delivery time and lasting change management.

PwC transforms experience centers across industry

With more than 1,500 global contact center practitioners and 30 contact center engagements across industries in just the past two years, PwC has the people, frameworks, methodologies, tools and accelerators/tech-enabled assets to help expedite your contact center transformation.


Managing operating costs for a US retailer

The client faced huge variability in store capacities, making it difficult to manage operating costs and deliver a promising customer experience. Our strategic assessment, including Contact Driver Analytics to quantify potential impacts, outlined 25+ initiatives to reduce operating costs by more than 3%. We are on a multi-year journey with the client to deploy customer-facing conversational AI capabilities (e.g., IVR, Chatbot, and SMS), introduce automation in business processes (e.g., generative AI for agent knowledge search & retrieval), enhance the central services operating model (e.g., shift calls from stores to contact centers), and expand their scope of services (e.g. orchestrating outbound communications to drive revenue growth).


Harnessing the power of AI chatbots and modern data architecture to help improve CX and reduce customer support costs

A leading technology company had aggressive operating experience (opex) reduction targets and aimed to improve both customer engagement and experience. PwC helped identify several AI / analytics use cases with call deflection and containment as the key metrics to drive the required opex reduction; developed AI use cases that addressed task enhancements; and developed advanced use cases, including a natural language processing chatbot, workforce enhancements and modern data architecture to help the client save approximately $10 million within one year of deployment.

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