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Fuel your business transformation with PwC and Google.

PwC leverages Google Cloud’s offerings to help deliver the core of the solution and applies our deep industry knowledge to create the customized capabilities that each industry and client require.

Our capabilities

Customer experience transformation

Experience is king. When we experience a great product or service we’re likely to buy it repeatedly and even pay a premium. As such, companies are on a never ending quest to provide unique and valuable experiences in an effort to capture and retain customers. This starts with a brand’s first impression through the first purchase and continued support and interactions. It’s a complicated and difficult goal to achieve. PwC helps reimagine customer experiences and bring them to life through the use of Google Cloud’s capabilities.

Marketing analytics

Harness the power of data and analytics to understand existing and potential customers, highlighting more effective ways to target, engage and retain them.

Customer data platform (CDP)

Consolidate customer data from multiple sources to create a single, unified view of each consumer, allowing business to offer tailored customer experiences.

Digital contact solutions

Build solutions that provide customers with an integrated and holistic experience across their digital touchpoints with an organization (website, mobile app, call center, social media).

ESG transformation

Technology innovation using Google Cloud to help drive business transformation can mean nothing if we don’t have a safe and socially responsible world to live in. PwC is a strategic player in the ESG space and is investing in solutions to help our clients achieve their aggressive ESG goals. We feel companies will likely not achieve these goals unless they heavily utilize cloud, data and digital technologies, therefore, we are building solutions on Google Cloud that can help companies report on their progress to meet continual regulations, iterate on their plans and analyze details such as material selection.

ESG insights – carbon reporting

Provide Scope 1, 2 and 3 reporting with actionable insights on trends of energy consumption and carbon emission.

NetZero pathways

Analyze emissions by site and identify carbon abatement levers in a bid to explore the most cost optimal pathway to reaching NetZero target.

Bill of materials ESG risk analysis

Analyze components of a given material to identify the most optimal selection of decarbonization levers for achieving NetZero emissions target within a specific time frame.

Finance transformation

With major forces at play such as supply chain disruption, banking and capital market uncertainty, recessionary concerns and competitive pressures, the job of a CFO has never been more challenging. Having access to accurate, real-time data is paramount to running a business well. Advanced analytics and AI can play a huge role in providing CFO’s and their teams with the capabilities they need to react to the ever changing demands on their businesses. PwC uses our domain knowledge of the finance space combined with the capabilities of Google Cloud to help create solutions for our clients’ finance teams.

Revenue forecasting

Collect structured internal and market information into a data mart and then harness the power of Vertex AI to help build forecasting models for predicting product demands to guide appropriate product production and inventory stocking.

Anaplan on Google

Run Anaplan on Google Cloud Platform’s high-performance, global and scalable infrastructure and improve decision-making and planning through integration with Google BigQuery and Google Cloud’s AI/ML capabilities.

Tax transformation

Now more than ever, tax considerations are central to the success of business strategies. Companies are looking for strategic solutions that can help them effectively solve these challenges, and there’s little denying that cloud is a main enabler on this journey of transformation. Tailoring your existing technology investments to tax-specific requirements can empower you to do more, do it right and do it fast. PwC combines our deep tax knowledge with Google Cloud’s data platform capabilities to deliver the following tax solutions:

Sales apportionment

Sales data is extracted from multiple different systems in order to analyze information for use in state apportionment and other jurisdictional analyses.

OECD Pillar Two

Address new regulatory requirements requesting taxpayers to calculate new OECD imposed top-up taxes by using a new tax base and estimating the current taxes paid across the company.

Total tax contribution

Taxes across different data sources and data owners are collected, analyzed and reported for internal tax ESG narrative disclosure preparation.



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