Building trust in metaverse experiences with PwC and Adobe

Accelerate omnichannel commerce performance and improve the experience for your customers at every stage of the buying journey.

PwC and Adobe are with you in the metaverse

PwC and Adobe are working together to embed trusted experiences in the design, transformation and delivery of metaverse offerings. The metaverse can lead to new revenue streams, lower operational costs, innovative processes, immersive and dynamic ways of working, and new retail channels with boundary-breaking experiences. While the potential value of a virtual presence is vast, the risks will likely require a thoughtful approach.

From complex compliance issues that arise with digital assets to the blurring lines between real and virtual marketing, we’re here to help you navigate the metaverse with our community of solvers. We want a responsible metaverse that moves your business forward, so we’re helping you balance trust with innovation.

In PwC’s 2022 metaverse survey, we found that 50% of consumers call the metaverse exciting, 66% of executives report that their companies are actively engaged and 82% of executives expect metaverse plans to be part of their business activities within three years.

Human-led, tech-powered

The metaverse offers incredible possibilities for companies to reimagine ways to connect with and attract customers. The key is to build a strategy that lasers in on customer expectations, while weaving in your company’s capabilities and values to drive customer attraction.

By keeping people at the heart of your metaverse programs, we help deliver faster, better, and more intelligent outcomes built for your employees and customers.

We start with strategy and experience design, build on our digital and cloud capabilities, and embed cyber, privacy, risk management and risk assurance. This enables a thorough review that marries trust and innovation — and can apply to almost any company or industry.

Metaverse discovery workshops accelerate outcomes across your journey

From improving internal processes to boosting customer engagement, metaverse technologies can transform your business. Our discovery workshops are highly interactive strategy sessions with presentations and opportunities for experimentation and collaboration.


Tailored presentations from subject professionals on industry relevance, hardware, platforms, case studies and the overall market opportunity.


Experiment with metaverse technologies and brainstorm how your business might leverage the tech to address specific business challenges.


Work with a multidisciplinary team of professionals from metaverse strategists to transformation consultants to pinpoint key use cases and develop a roadmap for implementation.

Together we can bring the metaverse to life by connecting Adobe and PwC capabilities and our unique metaverse knowledge

Our early investment in these technologies makes us a metaverse leader, with pioneering work for hundreds of clients in dozens of countries. Along with our collaboration with Adobe, we’re at work to help make the metaverse a place you can trust. 

Why PwC

  • Recognized industry leader in digital transformation, customer strategy, and commerce strategy.
  • Deep technical expertise in critical metaverse technologies: microservices, integration, cloud and digital development.
  • 500+ strategists, designers, developers, researchers and account managers bringing together PwC’s metaverse efforts to life across 15+ industries.

Why Adobe

  • Adobe Analytics will allow brands in the metaverse to be able to measure and analyze specific events, such as the volume of engagement with 3D objects and immersive experiences.
  • Experience, Commerce and Creative platforms that are enabling the creation of a range of metaverse experiences.
  • Adobe Substance 3D is an ecosystem of apps and content that empowers creators to design 3D, texture assets and render scenes intuitively. 
  • Adobe Aero is the most intuitive way to build, view, and share immersive AR experiences with tool-kits that don’t require coding knowledge. Bring existing 3D or 2D assets together into one program and visualize them in real time.

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