Global structuring

Navigate global uncertainty and shape the structure of your company to advance your business

How PwC can help

In a constantly evolving business, political and cultural environment, the pace of change has made the efficient management of a business and understanding the big picture on a global scale more complex than ever.

Companies need to be able to navigate through the ever-shifting global regulatory landscape including managing global tax uncertainty, the increasing demands for transparency, changes in the digital economy and planning for changes in US Tax Policy. Together, our experienced professionals in International Tax Services (ITS), Transfer Pricing (TP) and M&A Tax deliver an integrated approach to help you make tax decisions with increased confidence, identify new value and execute on opportunities that advance the tax function and grow your business overall.

Tax policy uncertainty is on the roadmap for 2024

Learn what business leaders can do now to prepare for the year ahead

Tax technology as dynamic as your business

The PwC tax compliance experience is centered on Sightline, our collaborative technology platform which combines all of PwC’s industry-leading tax applications in one connected ecosystem. 

Sightline gives you 360 visibility across your company’s tax landscape – helping your tax function uncover more opportunities, create a stronger technology foundation, and simply make your tax work easier with:

  • Total teamwide visibility on all of your deliverables

  • Better data automation and visualization - leading to less work and higher-impact outcomes

  • Increased collaboration and transparency across every tax project

Find out more and connect with us about how Sightline can help you.

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Sightline: a simpler way to see ahead.

We’ve supercharged PwC's tax excellence with Sightline's innovative and intuitive technology, giving 360 visibility across your company's tax landscape.

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