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Technology that delivers: getting the payback on your systems spend

by Rodger Howell, co-authored by Ed Shapiro and Don Rupprecht

Finance has led the way in process automation and the use of technology to sharpen business insight. And many leading teams are now pushing back the frontiers of analytical possibility. But with the digital revolution having set off a renewed wave of systems investment, many of you will still be wondering how to get the full return?

Competitive intelligence: Turning data into actionable insights

by Rodger Howell, co-authored by Ed Shapiro and Don Rupprecht

The advances in analytics and eruption of data are pushing back the borders of business intelligence. Your business can pinpoint opportunities, target investment, and anticipate and respond to customer demand with a speed and precision that would have been unimaginable even five years ago.

Is your finance team providing valuable insight for your business?

by Ed Shapiro, co-authored by Rodger Howell and Don Rupprecht

Up until now, the primary focus of the efficiency agenda has been rationalizing, standardizing and automating routine processes. Along with lower cost and faster turnaround, one of the big benefits has been freeing up finance professionals to devote more time to business analysis, insight and advice.

Canning the spreadsheet: How business partners can move to a new level

by Rodger Howell, co-authored by Don Rupprecht & Ed Shapiro

Imagine your fund manager rang up to tell you that your portfolio is losing money and then hung up. The very least you would have wanted to hear is where you could put your money to get a decent return. Even better would be to hear that having anticipated a fall, they switched your funds and that your portfolio is now soaring.

Laser focus: Reaping the potential of lean finance

by Ed Shapiro, co-authored by Don Rupprecht and Rodger Howell

First pioneered within manufacturing, ‘lean’ principles are now being applied in other parts of the business, including finance, to cut down on waste, duplication and errors. The ability to harness these opportunities can not only play a key part in aligning costs with business strategy, but also boosting speed of operational response. But while many finance teams have tried to implement lean approaches, our benchmark analysis suggests that the results are mixed. 

The power of collaboration: making cross-functional transformation work

by Ed Shapiro, co-authored by Don Rupprecht & Rodger Howell

Finance transformation presents plenty of challenges on its own. But the move towards multifunctional group business service (GBS) centers within many organizations means that finance transformation often forms part of much larger transformation initiatives, involving partner functions such as IT, HR and procurement.

Moving at the speed of change

by Rodger Howell, co-authored by Don Rupprecht & Ed Shapiro

Under pressure to be more strategic, efficient, and collaborative, the role of the CFO is changing. This shift is bringing data analytics to the forefront. Even CFOs who do not yet rely on data analysis in all aspects of their decision making are increasingly aware of its potential; nearly 70% of CFOs say that digital developments are changing their profession and the way their companies do business.

2016 Outlook: Strategic Alignment in an
Age of Change

by Rodger Howell

The world was a turbulent place in 2015, and the powerful forces challenging and transforming industries across the globe are on track to continue in the year ahead. Macroeconomic headwinds abroad and a strengthening US Dollar have combined with rapid technological evolution and changing customer preferences to bring about a period of tremendous competitive realignment for businesses.

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