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The PwC diversity journey

Creating impact, achieving results

At PwC, diversity and inclusiveness are huge priorities for us around the world.To have impact and serve our communities, our stakeholders and our clients, we need diverse talent. To solve the problems our stakeholders are facing, we need diverse talent. To build trust across different points of view, we need diverse talent. It’s imperative we attract, retain and develop diverse professionals to spur innovation, drive growth and sustain competitive advantage in the marketplace.

Our global diversity journey formally began 12 years ago, when PwC first began to focus on developing a globally consistent approach to diversity as a business imperative and enabler for our strategy. During the years since then we’ve experienced many high-points and encountered just as many challenges. And while we’re proud of the progress we’ve made so far, we recognise that our journey is not complete, and it has been slower than we would have liked. We still have so much more we want to do to foster an even more diverse and inclusive workplace culture.

In this report, we share with you the story of our global diversity journey. I hope that by sharing our experiences, challenges and insights, we will learn from and engage with others about their own diversity and inclusion journeys. No one organisation has the sole right answer -- and we hope that by sharing our thinking, we will learn from others, knowing the best ideas come from having many voices in the conversation.

Robert E. Moritz


PricewaterhouseCoopers International Limited

Critical lesson learned: A focus on inclusion from day one

It can be very tempting to focus all diversity energy and resource on those areas where the most significant diversity gaps exist – which today are typically at the top of an organisation. However, this type of highly targeted approach may have limited long-term impact. Broad and sustainable progress across the entire organisation will only be achieved by combining a laser focus on leadership diversity with substantive action that drives an inclusive talent culture and talent systems from day one and from the ground up. This means establishing critical interventions that work throughout the whole talent lifecycle. Without tackling the systemic challenges that arise earlier in the talent process, organisations will continue to face the same diversity gaps in the succession pipeline at the top. Download our report The PwC diversity journey: Creating impact, achieving results to learn more about how we are focused on responding to this valuable lesson, and to read featured PwC case studies of D&I interventions that are making a real difference across all stages of the talent lifecycle.  

Critical lesson learned: Recognise there is no ‘quick fix’

With ever-increasing numbers of diverse talent entering the workforce, we have seen diversity catapult its way onto the CEO agenda in recent years. But despite this rise in awareness, many organisations are finding that they’re still not achieving visible progress. Ten valuable lessons emerge from our own diversity journey at PwC that have been fundamental to moving towards a diversity approach that creates impact and achieves results. In trying to overcome this particular challenge, a critical lesson we’ve learned is that it’s vital for organisations to understand that there’s no ‘quick fix’ solution to diversity. Demonstrable and sustainable progress can only be achieved through a comprehensive change management approach that tackles behavioural, process and cultural transformation. This is why at PwC we approach diversity and inclusion through our holistic PwC D&I ecosystem. To learn more, download our report The PwC diversity journey: Creating impact, achieving results.

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