An Inclusion First approach

Our Inclusion First Systems and Behaviours driver for change

Placing inclusive systems and behaviours at our core

We strive to foster a culture where our diverse community of solvers feels like they truly belong and we are recognised as an inclusive employer of choice -- and it starts with our focus on inclusive systems and behaviours.

This means enhancing the breadth and depth of our network-wide skills and mindsets that drive inclusive leadership and teamwork. We are also embedding enhanced inclusion and diversity aspects into our existing or newly developed systems, policies and processes across the PwC network. By aligning with stakeholders throughout our business, we can support critical I&D interventions that span every stage of our employee and business life cycles to further embed I&D within PwC’s DNA.

Together, these strategies and initiatives help us to continue fostering an environment where individuality is embraced, diversity is desired and inclusion is valued. This is how we bring together our diverse experiences and perspectives to help build trust and deliver unexpected insights for our clients, our people and society.

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“To thrive in a world that is rapidly transforming, advancing and globalising, inclusive leadership skills are critical. Building these skills, through focused learning, is one of the investments we are making to help bring PwC’s The New Equation strategy to life and help our people grow personally and professionally.”

Dion Shango,Africa Central and Southern Africa CEO, PwC South Africa (Global I&D Council Member and Inclusive Mindset Sponsor)

How we’re taking action

Creating inclusive leaders at all levels

At PwC, we want each of our people to come to work knowing they belong, so they can be themselves and be their best. We also want to be a magnet for diverse talent, an employer that people are drawn to because of the opportunity for inclusive leadership and teamwork. This is why we help our solvers develop the skills to think, act and lead inclusively. This encourages them to leverage diverse experiences and perspectives that build trust and deliver unexpected insights.

We view inclusive leadership as a fundamental human skill because inclusive leaders bring out the best in diverse teams to deliver impact and value for our people, our clients and society. As the first step in our inclusive leadership upskilling journey, we developed an innovative Inclusive Mindset knowledge badge. In the next phase on our journey, we will continue to scale this learning globally and develop a skill badge called Inclusive Culture.

Embedding I&D within PwC’s DNA

For our Inclusion First strategy to take root, I&D must be seen as fundamental to our success and woven into the fabric of our business, client and workforce strategies.

We are coming together to advance the inclusivity of our people and business processes in many different ways. For example, I&D is an inherent and mutually reinforcing part of our Values, Purpose and The New Equation business strategy. It is also an explicit part of our leadership development framework and our People Value Proposition. We focus on accountability and measurement through our KPI’s and an Inclusion Index in our annual Global People Survey. Furthermore, our Global I&D Council and Territory Inclusion Leaders continuously work with key stakeholders across the business and Human Capital to embed I&D in all our people and business activities and processes.

inclusive mindset badge

The Inclusive Mindset learning experience is an innovative learning programme that encourages our people to enhance their ability to listen to those around them, learn from the experiences of others, and to create change through their everyday actions.

Of those who have completed the programme:

  • 92% reported an improved ability to practice more inclusive behaviours day-to-day.
  • 92% said the learning will help strengthen PwC’s culture of inclusion and belonging.

Learn more about our Inclusive Mindset badge


Solution and Solver Profiles

Unleashing the potential of disability inclusivity

Valuing our indigenous heritage to support cultural awareness and shape a more inclusive future

PwC New Zealand’s Te Māramatanga programme recognises and honours their indigenous heritage to build awareness and foster inclusion.

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Dion Shango (solver profile)

Making history, supercharging the future

Dion Shango, CEO of PwC Africa Central and Southern Africa, shares his insight into building a lasting legacy -- one that turns the opportunities afforded to him into opportunities for others.

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Mary Jade

Unlocking empathy through the power of virtual reality

PwC UK’s innovative In My Shoes racial awareness intervention training is enhancing empathy and shifting unconscious bias by creating opportunities to step into someone else’s world.

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Collaborating for action

The World Economic Forum - The Global Parity Alliance

The Global Parity Alliance is a cross-industry group of global organisations that are taking holistic action to accelerate diversity, equity and inclusion in the workplace. Established by the World Economic Forum, the Global Parity Alliance seeks to promote better and faster Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DE&I) outcomes by sharing proven DE&I best practices and practical insights from leading organisations.

PwC collaborates with the Global Parity Alliance organisations to share where we are making a difference so these practices can be replicated in the wider business community and society.

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