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We support a workplace where lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and other (LGBT+) solvers can bring their best selves to work and feel the full support of their PwC family. To foster this environment, we are working to grow LGBT+ equality and accelerate change, within PwC and in the wider world. 

Acceptance and respect for the LGBT+ community varies greatly across the world. While we respect the laws of every country where we operate, we do not tolerate discrimination on any grounds – including sexual orientation and gender identity and expression. In fact, we believe in going further to actively value differences as illustrated through our global human rights statement and Global Code of Conduct. In response to the legal and social landscape for LGBT+ people in different territories, we have intentionally built our Global LGBT+ Inclusion strategy to include four cultural scenarios that allows us to adapt the ways we advocate and support. 

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Our Shine Inclusion Networks

Shine is PwC's LGBT+ community and ally inclusion network. Our Shine inclusion networks celebrate the many ways our LGBT+ colleagues make our workplace culture stronger. 

Shine fosters a welcoming atmosphere and demonstrates value and care for the LGBT+ community. With a focus on psychological safety and inclusive leadership and teamwork, Shine helps our people be their authentic selves and do their best work. Shine is about creating opportunities and fostering advocacy and allyship.

Through Shine, we create opportunities for our people and for our business by delivering against four global objectives: the attraction of LGBT+ talent, education and awareness, community impact and business development.

Shine is growing brighter each year. Currently there are 35 Shine networks around the world, up from nine in 2016.

Learn more about our Shine inclusion networks.

“We’re trying to foster the most inclusive and welcoming culture at PwC, which positively impacts recruiting and retention, and contributes to career progression for our LGBT+ professionals. Every one of us needs to foster inclusive environments where our LGBT+ talents can feel safe, free to be their true selves, and fully participate in the workplace.”

Kevin Huang,Partner and Global I&D Council Member, PwC China

How we’re taking action

Leadership commitment

We strive for full leadership commitment to LGBT+ inclusion. 

LGBT+ Inclusion is one of the five global drivers for change and also a dimension of focus in a large number of our member firms. We continue to work with the Global I&D Council and our I&D leaders across the globe to foster accelerated levels of leadership commitment to LGBT+ inclusion. We believe this is key to fostering a supportive and inclusive work culture for our LGBT+ colleagues and for all.

Amplifying and growing our Shine inclusion networks

To cultivate spaces where our people can be their most authentic selves, we will continue to focus on the growth of our Shine inclusion networks across the globe, seeking opportunities to unify and amplify their efforts. We will also heighten awareness of our Shine initiatives around our network.

Data and self-disclosure

We aim to cultivate a space where our people feel able to share their lived experiences. To mark progress towards this goal, we are identifying opportunities for a more data-driven approach to LGBT+ inclusion and are asking member firms to track LGBT+ data. In support of this, where legally permissible, we have enabled self-identification processes within our people systems and our Global People Survey.

Education and awareness

To give our people a better understanding of LGBT+ lived experiences, and foster a greater environment of inclusiveness, we are taking steps to increase awareness of the LGBT+ community and their stories. We will create comprehensive communications and educational materials to foster LGBT+ awareness and allyship and increase recognition of the LGBT+ community.

Role modelling, visibility and representation

We want all of our people to see themselves represented in our leadership and supported on their path of career advancement. To encourage this, we will highlight LGBT+ leaders from across the network, drive visibility and help identify paths for our LGBT+ talent to grow and thrive. We will also focus on the attraction and recruitment of LGBT+ talent.

Solution and solver profiles

We are actively increasing awareness and understanding of LGBT+ Inclusion across the PwC network and amplifying the voices of visible role models, at all levels. Below you can discover more about our people as they share openly about their personal career stories and how they are achieving their potential at PwC. You can also learn more about the programmes and actions that are bringing our LGBT+ Inclusion strategy to life via our solution profiles.

Collaborating for action

Out Leadership

PwC is a member of Out Leadership, a global LGBT+ business network dedicated to accelerating LGBT+ talent in organisations around the world. PwC has partnered with Out Leadership on a research project and previously sponsored its talent development initiative, OutNEXT.

Open for Business

PwC is a member of Open for Business, a coalition of leading global companies dedicated to LGBT+ inclusion. The aim of the coalition is to demonstrate that successful, enterprising businesses thrive in diverse, inclusive societies and the spread of anti-LGBT+ policies runs counter to the interests of business and economic growth.

Partnership for Global LGBTI Equality (PGLE)

PwC is a founding member of PGLE, an official project of the World Economic Forum, which works to advance global progress for equality and social and economic inclusion for lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and intersex people.

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