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The path to continued progress for gender equity

At PwC, supporting balanced gender representation across our business has long been a focus. But we still have more we want to do. We are laser focused on the representation of women at leadership levels combined with substantive action that drives an inclusive talent culture from day one. This dual approach supports a sustainable pipeline of female talent across our network.

We ask each member firm in our network to explicitly focus on gender diversity. To increase accountability, we have developed several gender-focused KPI’s including women partner admissions, proportionality of promotions, women experienced hires, the representation of women in succession planning and women leading priority accounts. Looking forward, we’re committed to continued progress and support of gender equity.

In 2023...


of our FY23 partner admissions were women


of our partner population globally are women


of our global workforce are women

How we’re taking action

Leadership commitment

Each member firm in the PwC network is focusing on gender equity as a part of its local I&D strategy and action plan, supported by both its Territory Senior Partner and Territory Inclusion Leader. Beyond that commitment, our Global I&D Council views gender equity as a priority area and is looking across five metrics to see that progress continues. We know actions start at the top, and have put the people and processes in place to drive continued support of gender equity across our network.

Leadership representation

To increase representation of women in leadership positions, we are working with member firms to review and strengthen their approach to attracting, developing and progressing women in senior roles and partner admissions. Additionally, at a global level, we apply a gender lens to all network-level succession planning and leadership appointment activity. Finally, to help our people see themselves at all levels of our organisation, we continue to increase the number of visible women role models at senior levels providing venues for them to share their professional and personal experiences.

Attraction and advancement

We are focused on supporting equal levels of female representation throughout our pipeline. To help support this, we are working towards hiring more experienced women, particularly at senior manager and director level grades, and we’re placing a strong focus on promotions. Two of our five gender KPIs focus on experienced recruitment and promotions to help increase accountability. Ultimately, these initiatives will support gender parity across all levels of our organisation and areas of our business.

Data driven approach

As the only dimension of diversity that can be measured globally, we have a unique opportunity to take a business-led approach to addressing gender diversity. We can better understand our realities, challenges and opportunities through real-time and predictive data-powered insights to create change. This is fundamental to achieving and measuring progress, identifying critical interventions and driving leadership accountability.

International Women’s Day 2023

Empowering Women

For International Women’s Day (IWD) 2023, PwC is sharing the voices of women from around the world through our research-based insights on empowerment – and exploring what more can be done to propel women’s empowerment in the workplace, the economy, and the technology sector.

This year's UN Women IWD theme is ‘DigitALL: innovation and technology for gender equality’. We take a look inside PwC bringing together profiles of what it’s like to work and lead in technology from our PwC women in tech role models, and some of the programmes we’ve put in place to support balanced gender representation in our digital and technology practices.
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Text: The time is now to empower women and support gender equity in the workplace.

Alondra, Foreign trade specialist, Mexico City: “Some companies have the awareness to promote gender and social equality. I have participated in these initiatives, but I feel that there’s still a long way to go.”

Text: Our global workforce empowerment research finds that women and men want very similar things from work.

Text: But there is a divergence between what men and women are actually experiencing at work leading to a significant gender empowerment gap.

Text: For example, women have less autonomy over when and where they work, and are feeling lower levels of job fulfilment, and belonging.

Sheila, Financial Services professional, Cape Town: “We need to have conversations throughout all levels of the organisation to make sure that it is a workplace that everyone enjoys working in and one that they feel that they truly belong.”

Text: The good news is that the women in our study with higher levels of empowerment are significantly more likely to ask for a promotion, a raise or recommend their employer as a place to work.

Text: Supporting women’s empowerment is good for business, good for the economy, and good for society.

Kristýna, E-commerce, Prague: “I think it’s very important to publicly discuss gender equality and other social topics, because if people stay silent on this, nothing will move forward.”

Text: Explore the findings and learn more about empowering women at

Championing PwC women

We are actively amplifying the voices of our women at PwC, at all levels, because we know it's hard to be what you can’t see. Below you can discover more about our women across the PwC network as they share openly about their lived experiences, both personally and professionally, and how they are achieving their potential at PwC. 

You can also explore solution and solver profiles relating to broader dimensions of diversity on our Solution and Solver profiles page.

UN Women HeForShe Alliance

Over nine years we partnered with UN Women HeForShe working extensively to elevate male allyship and advocacy for gender equality both within and beyond PwC. We graduated from the HeForShe Alliance partnership December 2023, but as former partners, we continue to be ambassadors for the HeForShe solidarity movement. At PwC, we are aware of the critical role that the private sector has in advancing gender equality, and partnering with UN Women HeForShe provided us a platform to act as role models in our industry but also join forces with HeForShe to truly accelerate the pace of change.
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