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HeForShe is the United Nations global solidarity movement for Gender Equality. HeForShe is an invitation for men and people of all genders to stand in solidarity with women to create a bold, visible and united force for gender equality. The men of HeForShe aren’t on the sidelines. They’re working with women and with each other to build businesses, raise families, and give back to their communities.

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How HeForShe supports our gender equity driver for change 

Men hold a disproportionate level of power across cultures globally, but they remain largely absent from the gender equity conversation.

As with other human rights and social justice movements like racial and LGBT+ equality, gender equality requires action and allyship across all of society.

At PwC, we are aware of the critical role that the private sector has in advancing gender equality, and partnering with UN Women HeForShe provides us a platform to act as role models in our industry but also join forces with HeForShe to truly accelerate the pace of change.

How we partner with HeForShe

At the World Economic Forum in Davos in January 2015, PwC became an IMPACT 10x10x10 champion – making PwC one of the first ten corporations around the world committing to take bold, game-changing action to achieve gender equality within and beyond their institutions. Skip forward to March 2021, and we were excited to renew our pledge to the HeForShe movement by becoming one of the inaugural HeForShe Alliance partners and making two PwC HeForShe Alliance commitments. 

The HeForShe Alliance is an intimate group of the most ambitious leaders from across government, the corporate world and third sector with the aim of accelerating progress towards gender equality. 

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PwC’s HeForShe Alliance commitments

  1. Embedding common ESG standards to aid companies around the globe in their sustainable value creation (with a specific focus on increasing PwC’s annual diversity reporting). Find out how we are doing here
  2. Exploring the development of an internal badge to recognise learning in the areas of belonging and inclusive leadership. Find out more about how we are doing here.

“Engaging men to be activists, disruptors, to make a change for the benefit of others is hugely important”

Bob Moritz, PwC Global Chairman

Key Resources

  • HeForShe Summit (September 2022), PwC Global Chairman Bob Moritz was part of the fireside conversation focused on The Compondounding Effects of Crisis and Gender. View it here
  • HeForShe Summit (September 2021), PwC Global Chairman Bob Moritz discusses PwC’s HeForShe Alliance commitments along with how PwC have moved into action when it comes to gender equality. View it here

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