Expanding our social inclusion impact

Our Social Inclusion driver for change

A purpose-driven approach to inclusion

To align with our broader purpose to build trust in society and solve important problems, it is paramount that we act as a voice for I&D change, both within and beyond PwC. Pooling our strength as a network, and in collaboration with influential organisations, we are working to address societal structural inequalities and create opportunities for those impacted by societal systemic disadvantage. This is what we refer to as Social Inclusion -- and we take action through two key areas of focus: partnering for advocacy and developing programmes and support. 

In many firms across our network we are already delivering efforts with Social Inclusion impact, but through our Inclusion First strategy we are committing to scaling that focus with all our member firms across the network. We do this because we firmly believe that a focus on Social Inclusion will allow us to make an impact both internally and within the wider societies in which we operate. 

We recognise that societal inequalities exist in various ways across all identity groups, so our Social Inclusion efforts are broad and will flex to the societal structural inequality challenges and opportunities that exist across the world.

How we’re taking action

Partnering for advocacy

A primary way that we can scale our impact is by partnering with recognised organisations who are on the leading edge of advocacy and advancing change where equality and inclusion are needed most. We will continue to partner with these critical external stakeholders to influence change in society.  

We are proud to partner with:

  • World Economic Forum - Global Parity Alliance
  • World Economic Forum - Coalition for Racial Justice in Business
  • UN Women HeForShe Alliance Partnership
  • The Valuable 500
  • Out Leadership
  • Open for Business
  • Partnership for Global LGBTI+ Equality

Programmes and support

We are proud of the Social Inclusion impact we have realised through strong global and local initiatives, and hope to elevate this further. 

Through our Inclusion First strategy, all of our member firms are committed to applying a Social Inclusion lens to their local I&D strategies and action plans, beginning July 2023. We are also committed to developing a more robust global strategy in line with this timeframe in order to accelerate change within and beyond PwC. 

All of this builds on the solid work already underway across the global PwC Network. You can learn more about much of the recent work we have done in the Impact chapter of our Global Annual Review.

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