Leadership commitment, accountability and transparency

Accountability. We hold our leaders, ourselves and our member firms responsible for change. 

Leadership commitment, accountability and transparency are fundamental to driving the Inclusion & Diversity (I&D) progress and demonstrating that we are action and impact focused to our people and our stakeholders at PwC.

We do this by fostering a culture of leadership commitment and accountability driven via our Global I&D council and Territory Inclusion Leaders, Member Firm Leadership engagement and accountability, seven well-defined I&D KPIs and a commitment to greater levels of transparency to support accelerated and sustained progress. 

Leadership commitment  

Our Global I&D Council, formed by our Global Chairman, is made up of ten senior leaders from across the PwC Network. The Council’s purpose is to elevate and advocate for I&D across the PwC Network, make sure that perspectives from across the Network shape our direction, and build momentum to help accelerate global and local change. Chaired, supported and facilitated by Bob Moritz, our Global Chairman, the Council members work with the top levels of leadership in our Member Firms to make sure they are setting concrete strategies around I&D and are held accountable for their progress. 

We reinforce the actions and commitment of our Global I&D Council at the local level through our Territory Inclusion Leaders (TIL’s). Each PwC Member Firm has an appointed TIL, who is an influential leader with responsibility for local I&D strategies and implementing the necessary actions required to build a stronger culture of belonging for our community of solvers. The TIL works hand in hand with their local leadership team to deliver an I&D action plan that enables PwC’s The New Equation business strategy and fosters meaningful change locally.

The Global I&D Council, the strategy council Territory Inclusion Leaders and our Global I&D team make up our collective Global I&D Leadership Team.  

Greater levels of transparency

Our work on leadership commitment and accountability is further underpinned through our focus on greater levels of internal and external transparency.  As part of our commitment to promoting transparent reporting, we are actively focused on publishing key diversity disclosures aligned with the World Economic Forum (WEF) Stakeholder Capitalism Metrics and broader female representation disclosures annually via our Global Annual Review

Global Inclusion and Diversity Council

  • Bob Moritz, PwC Global Chairman (Sponsor)

  • Padmaja Alganandan, PwC India

  • Marisol Arcia, PwC Interamericas

  • Leandro Camilo, PwC Brazil

  • Kevin Huang, PwC China

  • Nicolas Marcoux, PwC Canada

  • Sri Nair, PwC Malaysia

  • Dion Shango, PwC Africa

  • Roy Weathers, PwC US

Global Inclusion and Diversity Team

  • Aoife Flood, PwC Ireland

  • Helen Ewin, PwC UK

  • Bradley Deckert, PwC US

  • Tuneet Bahi, PwC UK

Strategy Council Territory Inclusion Leaders

  • Ayesha Bedwei, PwC Africa

  • Julie McKay, PwC Australia

  • Leandro Camilo, PwC Brazil

  • Cezary Żelaźnicki, PwC CEE

  • Olivia Nuamah, PwC Canada

  • Xing Zhou, PwC China/HK

  • Pauline Adam-Kalfon, PwC France

  • Birthe Stegmann, PwC Germany

  • Shveta Verma, PwC India

  • Paola Barazzetta, PwC Italy

  • Noriko Umeki, PwC Japan

  • Henry An, PwC Korea

  • Lázaro Peña, PwC Mexico

  • Norma Taki, PwC Middle East

  • Hayat Ihataren, PwC Netherlands

  • Charlotte Hsu, PwC Singapore

  • Sandra Deltell Diaz, PwC Spain

  • Andreas Silfverberg, PwC Sweden

  • Betina Balitzki, PwC Switzerland

  • Sarah Churchman, PwC UK

  • Shannon Schuyler, PwC US

Meet some of our leaders

Dion Shango

Global I&D Council Member

Dion Shango
Africa Central and Southern Africa CEO, PwC Africa

Cezary Zelaznicki

Territory Inclusion Leader

Cezary Zelaznicki
PwC Legal Partner, PwC CEE

Pauline Adam-Kalfon

Territory Inclusion Leader

Pauline Adam-Kalfon
Consulting Partner, PwC France

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Lynn Rossouw

Lynn Rossouw

Director, Global Inclusion and Diversity

Aoife Flood

Aoife Flood

Senior Manager, Global Inclusion and Diversity, PwC Ireland (Republic of)

Giselle Kolkoto

Giselle Kolkoto

Senior Manager, Global Inclusion and Diversity

Bradley Deckert

Bradley Deckert

Manager, Global Inclusion and Diversity, PwC US

Tuneet Bahi

Tuneet Bahi

Manager, Global Inclusion and Diversity, PwC United Kingdom

Simrita Kaur-Bhogal

Simrita Kaur-Bhogal

Manager, Global Diversity and Inclusion, PwC United Kingdom