PwC and Google-powered technology transformations

We use the power of Google technology to help you innovate and transform. Taking you from ready-for-now to ready-for-anything.

PwC teams work with Google to help bring their innovative and game changing technology to our clients in order to help them accelerate the delivery of their business outcomes. We believe companies who use cloud, data and AI technology to innovate can win in the market and we can align our technology offerings to help them in their most strategic endeavors.

Our capabilities

AI / GenAI

AI is disrupting the way companies do business and only those who harness its power can have the chance to lead. The latest advances in generative AI have accelerated our clients' need to take advantage of this technology.

We can help organizations with:

AI strategy
Assess current state and develop business cases, create the target state solution, help define security requirements, establish governance and operational frameworks as well as define target business value and outcomes.

Data preparation
Identify the required data, build data ingestion pipelines, cleanse data, mask data or create synthetic data and create secured data sandboxes.

Model creation
Train and deploy models of various categories depending on the targeted solution: DocumentAI, NLP, image recognition, prediction, recommendation or optimization.

Generative AI
From strategy, builds, governance to operations, our teams can help throughout your GenAI journey. We can help create, refine and prioritize use cases, create proof of concepts, prepare data, perform prompt engineering to tune usability and accuracy and deploy models.

Responsible AI
Our Responsible AI framework is about building trust. Sound strategy and governance, grounded in key guiding principles and good data, can help us and clients deliver consistently and responsibly from strategy to execution. We can help teams establish their AI strategy, define and implement controls for the governance of data and ethics, policy and regulation, controls, compliance, risk management and security.

Data modernization

Data has become the new currency and companies who harvest and utilize data effectively can win in the market. PwC uses Google’s wide range of data products to help create solutions for our clients that help differentiate them for a competitive advantage.

PwC offerings that can help drive modern data solutions include:

Data platform deployment
Create a modern data platform on GCP that allows customers to model, ingest, analyze, manage and publish data in a secure, scalable, timely and cost effective manner.

Data migration
Migrate data from legacy platforms such as Teradata, Netezza and Cloudera into BigQuery.

Data services / marketplace
Build internal or external data services to provide simple and secure access to data.

Dashboard / looker development
Develop analytics dashboards with Looker (or other BI tools) to help drive value from the data inside of BigQuery or other GCP databases.

ERP data transformation
Combine data from multiple ERP applications together in BigQuery with additional internal and external data to help build deeper, differentiated analytics solutions.

Application Modernization

PwC uses our strong transformation consulting practice and deep industry knowledge to help our clients reimagine their application portfolios and modernize and transform for the future. We use Google’s array of application technologies to help lay a scalable, flexible and secure foundation that allows companies to innovate with speed and change rapidly as market forces demand.

PwC focuses on three core offerings to help our clients on their application modernization and transformation journey.

Modernization strategy
Analyze the existing application landscape, define the target state application landscape and create a modernization roadmap based on business objectives and constraints.

Application modernization
Transform legacy applications into modern applications that leverage technologies such as microservices and scalable and performant databases to enable business agility and speed to market.

Application innovation
Help customers reimagine parts of their business or create whole new businesses. Build the experience and data driven applications to support these new ventures.

Infrastructure modernization

PwC understands that a modern infrastructure should take advantage of cloud capabilities like elasticity and scalability to achieve the cost benefit potential of the cloud. And above all, cloud infrastructures should be secure. PwC has built tools and tech-enabled solutions that help our clients build a secure foundation for their cloud operations. Leveraging Google tools to implement best practices like zero-trust, PwC helps our clients start off in the cloud the right way and evolve their cloud infrastructure to achieve the potential of the cloud.

PwC offerings and tech-enabled solutions that can help support Google Cloud deployments include:

Trusted landing zone deployment
Configure landing zones as per business, security and regulatory requirements via pre-built automation scripts.

IAC automation
Leverage Infrastructure-as-a-Code (IaC) on Google Cloud to help automate the creation, update and management of core infrastructure services.

Automated migration and modernization factory
Power the automation of pre- and post-migration tasks, like network infrastructure and cross-platform connectivity setup; identity and privilege config in source and target platforms; and migrate using Google’s Migrate for Compute Engine (M4CE) and Migrate for Containers.


PwC’s Cyber, Risk and Regulatory practice works with Google Cloud to confirm that the solutions we build are carefully secured and compliant with specific industry requirements. We also help clients implement leading practices of Google Cloud security capabilities, governance structures and processes. Without highly mature security capabilities, companies may move slow due to non automated or unaligned processes or may be open to cyber risks. We work with Google to combine PwC’s deep knowledge with Google’s security solutions to allow our clients to operate a safe and secure cloud.

Our security offerings are focused in a few key areas:

Secure, Compliant, and Resilient (SCaR) Cloud Implementation
Design and implement cloud environments that adhere to Google’s security foundations concepts, are driven by automation, and meet regulatory and certification requirements by design, in order to protect the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of cloud-hosted business assets.

  • Security foundations design & implementation
  • Cloud compliance and assured workloads
  • Zero Trust architecture implementation

Security operations transformation
Evolve existing operational capabilities into an ‘Autonomic Security Operations’ capability, enabling an organization to more effectively identify and respond to threat activity.

  • Chronicle SIEM/SOAR and VirusTotal implementation, integration, & enhancement
  • Log pipeline optimization
  • SIEM augmentation
  • SOC playbook/capabilities modernization

Learn more about SecOps solutions

Secure AI buildout
Design and implement the governance structure and technical capabilities to help manage the associated risks of AI by leveraging PwC’s responsible AI knowledge combined with Google’s Secure AI Framework.

AML / fraud detection modernization
Enhance existing AML and fraud detection capabilities by leveraging emerging technologies like AI.

Managed services

PwC takes a value-driven and business outcome focused approach to managed services. We view cloud managed services through a lens of innovation and continuous improvement versus basic application support, prioritizing outcomes over activities. By focusing on enhancing the platform for our customers, companies realize greater business value.

At PwC, we go beyond mere maintenance and support by continuously monitoring and enhancing your cloud environment while working to respond to market demands, address security challenges, utilize resources effectively, and help confirm minimal disruption and maximum efficiency. Examples of the value-added activities that PwC helps implement for our managed services clients include:

  • Assessing your cloud strategy and investment roadmap to help identify past, current, and future qualifying activities and expenditures.
  • Organizing cloud education seminars for your IT workforce and providing organizational design recommendations on ways to help enhance operational efficiency to take optimum advantage of the Google Cloud.
  • Providing AI-driven data tuning services to help adjust specific characteristics or target execution environments of applications in order to improve performance and control cloud spend.

SAP on Google

PwC combines our strong business relationship and knowledge of SAP with our Google Cloud capabilities to help drive solutions for SAP on Google Cloud.

Deploy SAP on GCP via automated provisioning of SAP S4/HANA for efficiency, scalability and quality.

ERP+ analytics
Pull SAP into Google BigQuery and combine it with other enterprise or external data to help deliver deep analytics and AI based solutions.

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