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Increase cash flow through effective tax management strategies.

With IRS rulings, court cases and legislation consistently transforming the tax landscape, it is all too easy for companies to miss potential cash flow opportunities. Additionally, the pace of release of detailed and complex regulations under tax reform adds to the possible pitfalls for clients. As such, knowledgeable and creative advice is essential. PwC’s experienced federal tax services group, comprised of former IRS and Treasury officials, understands the approaches and objectives of tax administrators and can help guide them through the complexities of tax reform, realize tax savings and mitigate risks.

We can help you address the increasing complexities associated with implementation of:

  • Section 199A regulations
  • Revised Section 263A regulations
  • Bonus depreciation rules
  • Financial accounting leasing standard (ASC 842)

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How PwC can help

Our highly experienced team of former IRS and Treasury officials have a working knowledge of the objectives of tax administrators to help you navigate tax issues you face. We can help you with a variety of federal tax services including:

  • Accounting methods
  • Inventory rules and calculations
  • Long-term contract accounting
  • Long-term contracts
  • Cost capitalization and recovery issues
  • Domestic manufacturing (Section 199)
  • Fixed asset services
  • Settlements and judgments
  • Fringe benefit expenses
  • Timing of income and deductions
  • Intangibles
  • Leasing
  • Mergers & Acquisitions methods issues
  • International methods considerations
  • Estimated taxes
  • Accounting periods

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