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Asset management tax departments are facing increasing pressure to stay compliant in a world of challenging data collection and manual processes, leaving tax with little time to focus on strategic planning. A need exists for enabling technologies that can help automate the tax process, assist with projections and forecasting, benchmark organizations against their peers and provide decision-critical data analytics. Ultimately these technologies will lead to better business decisions and reduced risk, while increasing the value of tax analysis and planning for the benefit of the broader business.


Reshaping the role of tax for a changing tomorrow

Our Partnership Tax Reporting Services helps you take a closer look at the data you collect, the technology you use and your current processes to help you rethink your approach to tax. By aligning with the right team of professionals, and investing in the right technologies, we can help you make the compliance process more transparent, while also leveraging data to uncover untapped opportunities to benefit the broader business. Our suite of enabling technologies are customizable to the specific needs of asset management firms, helping you redesign, redefine, and redeploy the tax department as a modern-day business enabler.

We can work with you to:

Deliver value by providing performance improvement and technology enabled solutions including:

  • TRACK™ – an end-to-end tax reporting tool
  • TRACK Insights™ – a first of its kind data analytics application
  • POST – a secure tax data delivery service
  • DEXTR – a tool that helps reduce the risks associated with manual data extraction from Federal K-1s
  • Total M-1 – automates taxable income analysis and reporting
  • PFIC Identification System – analyzes and evaluates passive foreign investment company services

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Andy Ruggles

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