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Helping organizations efficiently and effectively manage their operations by implementing tools to optimize collaboration, workflow and documentation.

With the appearance of COVID-19, the work environment was disrupted overnight. Tax departments are now pressured to deliver while working virtually. More than ever, organizations need effective internal and external collaboration. Tax Reporting and Strategy (TRS) for Collaboration can help organizations optimize their configured technologies for communications, workflow and documentation by leveraging PwC accelerators in the Microsoft 365 suite with Teams integration.

Our Solutions

Tax Operations Manager

PwC’s Tax Operations Manager accelerator (TOM) helps you create a powerful workflow that drives process improvement and transparency, while helping transform a tax department’s efficiency using core Microsoft technology. Using your suite of Microsoft technology investment, we deploy a framework and accelerator which allows us to rapidly configure a tax operations solution. The service solution facilitates workflow, collaboration, document management, data collection, reporting and analysis. It will also establish the framework for expansion to other functional areas.

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COVID-19 Response Manager

PwC’s COVID-19 Response Manager is a technology-enabled service offering that gives you operational insight and visibility into coronavirus-related activities across the enterprise, enabling you to effectively manage critical information, actions and timelines. COVID-19 Response Manager’s integrated collaboration capabilities help provide a more effective way of remote working (from home) in a global environment.

How do you stay on top of tax and broader business implications in the current landscape

PwC’s COVID-19 Response Manager can help.


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What value can you realize?

Document management

  • Design document storage structure with governance in mind
  • Include key attributes on each document to quickly locate documents via attribute filters, views and search
  • Access documents via an online platform from many different access points (e.g. desktop, tablet, mobile device) and Teams
  • Track through multiple iterations and versions of a document, so you can revert to or view prior versions
  • Follow audit trail of edit history and comments with ease

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Workflow management

  • Define repeatable and ad-hoc processes that occur throughout a particular period
  • Assign various roles (e.g. preparer, reviewer, approver and submitter) to workflow tasks within each process
  • Monitor task completion by following its progress through the different roles
  • Track the high-level status of tasks and drill down to the granular components, so you can identify roadblocks and then highlight and remediate them
  • Integrate with document management so that documents may be associated with tasks while saving time by including the task’s attributes within the document’s attributes
  • Follow audit trail of edit history and comments with ease

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Data collection

  • Design online data collection forms to collect critical information, with structure and governance for how the data is entered and captured
  • Create dynamic forms to reflect data entry points, based on how questions are answered
  • Integrate with workflow management within tasks, if applicable
  • Aggregate data for reporting and analysis

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  • Gain insight into workflow management status with executive insights and ability to drill down into the data
  • Visualize data collected via online forms in an impactful way to make meaningful insights from the data
  • Access reports via an online platform from many different access points (e.g. desktop, tablet, mobile device) and Teams
  • View data updates in real time—no need to manually aggregate from the sources or contributors
  • Save reports as a point-in-time snapshot, or share with key stakeholders

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How we can help your virtual tax department

We’ll gather an understanding of your organization’s objectives and identify strategic solutions to help you improve how you operate, focusing on workflow, document management, data collection, insights and communications.

Configure and test
We’ll deploy and configure PwC accelerators within your organization, based on customized designs. Post-configuration, we’ll ask you to test the new systems and provide feedback.

We’ll design impactful solutions that leverage your existing technology in combination with PwC accelerators. These designs will be developed using an agile approach to meet the company objectives that were identified in the Assess stage.

Train and go live
After configuration, we’ll train your end-users and administrators in how to utilize and maintain the solutions. We’ll provide solution documentation to enable continued success after go-live.


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