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Stakeholders are asking questions: How to tell them a credible ESG story

Stakeholders are increasingly factoring environment, social and governance (ESG) reporting into their assessments of business performance, even as standards and regulatory guidance continue to evolve. What does that mean for your business, especially as we parse out the impacts of COP26 announcements, and how can you set your company up for success? By asking yourself the following questions:

  • Does your ESG reporting resonate with your priority stakeholders?
  • Is the information you are disclosing consistent, accurate and complete?

Even if the answer is yes today, you may be left behind by competitors in the not too distant future. As ESG reporting evolves, companies that progress faster than others — for example, use ESG reporting and analytics to inform strategic decisions — will often race ahead. They will also be better prepared to react to potential outcomes from COP26 that relate to emissions and the race to NetZero.

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Casey Herman

Casey Herman

US ESG Leader, PwC US

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Kevin O’Connell

ESG Trust Solutions Leader, PwC US

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