Employee financial education and wellness

Financial wellness programs tailored to your employees’ needs

Empower your employees to improve their financial wellbeing

Employees often look to their employer for help navigating the personal financial issues that are part of their changing environment:

  • Greater employee responsibility for retirement, saving, and investing decisions
  • Insufficient retirement savings which impacts retirement readiness
  • Stressful personal situations or life events that distract employees at work (debt, paying for college, preparing for retirement, caring for aging parents)
  • Organizational change such as workforce reductions, voluntary and involuntary early retirement programs, and relocations
  • Benefits changes like retirement plan conversions or 401(k) plan enhancements
  • Lack of knowledge, appreciation, and utilization of employer benefits including retirement plans, insurance, Health Savings Accounts, and legal services plans

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PwC Financial Wellness

Financial Wellness meets employees' needs with a new digital experience, peer comparisons, and planning tools, plus data insights for employers.

How we can help

Employee financial wellness 

Improving employee financial wellness can favorably impact an organization’s bottom line. Employees who are financially unhealthy are often stressed and distracted, affecting absenteeism, productivity, retirement, and healthcare costs. We provide employers with valuable insight into the financial health of employees and the ability to measure the results and impact of benefit and wellness programs.

Organizational change

We help you anticipate issues surrounding mergers and acquisitions, workforce reductions and relocations, and develop a proactive communications and education initiative that will help you achieve your staffing goals while also preserving morale and productivity.

Benefit plan changes 

When changes to health and retirement plan benefits occur, employees are often confused and uncertain, which can ultimately affect employee morale and retention. We work with organizations and their employees to address their needs and questions before, during, and after the change occurs to help them make educated choices.

Beneficiary financial counseling 

The death of a loved one involves numerous personal financial implications and decisions. Through our beneficiary financial counseling program, PwC financial counselors trained in bereavement issues coach and assist survivors of deceased employees who need guidance dealing with a variety of complex and timely issues at a difficult time in their lives.

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