Unlock the power of your ERP data through cross-platform analytics

Transform business intelligence analytics into actionable insights

For many organizations, the idea of moving enterprise resource management (ERP) systems to the cloud can be daunting. The shift can be costly and complex. Still, business leaders see the value of modernizing ERP systems and data: better decision-making, enhanced productivity and fast-paced innovation.

Start by freeing your data from disparate systems so you can be more agile and move decisively. ERP data modernization on the cloud empowers companies to let data drive their strategy by unifying data and using business intelligence analytics to power faster, more effective decisions.


How can ERP data modernization drive value?

Propel your business forward

With a data and analytics strategy that integrates and grows with your business, you’re ready to speed forward in a data-driven world. Our solution supports integrating multiple enterprise data systems. This interoperability—along with automated data extraction and mapping—speeds up the process to help you make better, faster, more confident decisions.

Citizen-led analytics and insights

With data accessible throughout your organization, cross-functional teams can easily consume and use the data to work better, faster and smarter. With low-code tools, teams can explore the data in real-time and create interactive reports without being trained programmers.

Personalize the experience

Empower your organization with smarter insights that allow you to customize products and services, driving customer intimacy, agility, value and growth. Having customer data easily available across your organization allows tailored experiences based on consumer preferences and past interactions.

Trust and protect your data

Bottom line: you own your data. With ERP data modernization, you can be confident that your data has been extracted and mapped correctly. Data is also regulated through data governance—along with quality validation and standardization—so you know you’re using trustworthy information to drive decisions.

What are the benefits of having your ERP system in the cloud?

ERP data modernization helps organizations elevate data to a strategic asset by driving valuable insights with advanced technology and capabilities. Your business can benefit from the power of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) to create more intelligent and high-performing customer experiences. Additionally, data lakes and analytics can help improve decision-making, save time and increase efficiency by putting your data to work. Our approach takes ERP, IoT, and other data across the enterprise out of silos, unlocking data to make it more visible and accessible, and giving the enterprise a strategic advantage by putting trusted data and analytics to work.

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