PwC solutions for data and analytics in AWS

Now, more than ever, having the right insights into your business can help propel your strategy to new heights. And combining PwC’s Analytics and AI Transformation solution with the innovative power of Amazon Web Services’ cloud architecture can help pave the way.

  • Enhance your employees’ productivity through automation — while maintaining quality and compliance — and helping to reduce costs.
  • Create impactful customer experiences with AI tools that can proactively anticipate their needs based on their preferences.
  • Elevate the engineering prowess of your organization to help get the most out of your investment in cloud, increase performance of your cloud tools and innovate new products and services.

We’re helping companies make this transformation a reality. Welcome to the power of PwC Analytics and AI Transformation and AWS.

PwC and AWS: Using data and analytics solutions fit for your business

Regardless of industry, chances are your business is facing the challenge of having your data spread out across the organization in a way that isn’t conducive to rapid analysis or insights. But with PwC’s relentless focus on business outcomes, combined with AWS’ cloud analytics capabilities, we’re helping companies like yours help coalesce your strategy, investment, operations, and technology.

Tools like Amazon QuickSight can help by giving you the power to scale up or down as you need. QuickSight also offers intelligence into your business through machine learning and interactive dashboards. Put into action, PwC has used QuickSight to help our clients reduce their costs, manage overhead, and use interactive dashboards to be more efficient as they go about their work. And given the straightforward implementation of QuickSight with existing AWS services, our clients have benefitted from quickly taking advantage of newfound insights. The result for you? The prospect of saving time and effort while positioning your business for innovation and greater speed to market.

Foundational elements of our solution

Assess current state, co-create analytics vision, and develop roadmap to achieve a data-driven transformation

PwC and AWS can help you develop an analytics & AI vision to support business priorities and a roadmap designed to drive economic and strategic results - quickly, and at scale. Using AWS as a cloud platform allows companies to help avoid often hefty infrastructure costs while accelerating innovation. PwC and AWS recognize that Analytics and AI is not just math and data--it’s an organizational, technical and behavior shift to focus on outcomes that drive innovation and strategic results. Working together with AWS, we can help accelerate the strategy journey through digital accelerators. For example:

  • Better understand current data, analytics, & AI investments and value through our Analytics Maturity Model survey, co-developed with Carnegie Mellon University, for rapid assessments and benchmarking
  • Improve speed to market and additional demand generation through the use of our analytics use case library
  • Use the AWS cloud to offload work often done in-house while using the platform to “fail fast” as you innovate and rapidly scale services up or down.

With PwC and AWS, continuously improve data, analytics and AI models and insights

PwC helps you enhance and operationalize your analytic capabilities, with more robust reporting and AI-powered predictive analytics, to drive towards business impact at scale. Our approach is powered by experience and assets across various domains:

  • Model Development Lifecycle and Machine Learning Operations
  • High value datasets to augment analysis
  • Proven data science methodologies
  • Reusable Analytic Components and methodologies on our Analytics Foundation

Evaluate and improve trustworthiness of data, analytics, and AI

Data is an asset that is given in trust from customers to organizations. Inevitably, that data moves across the enterprise. Using AWS tools, PwC can help companies effectively manage and govern the risks of keeping data. Additionally, the perspectives we bring from our extensive cybersecurity and privacy practice are enhanced by the fact that PwC is currently the only AWS consulting partner to achieve all four AWS security competencies!

Building trust across an organization generates value such as:

  • Brand protection and regulatory compliance that drives a higher brand equity and trust across customers
  • Adoption of ethical and data-driven culture leading to better business decisions
  • Rapid and iterative innovation that can be trusted to move the organization forward

Our cross functional team brings you varied perspectives across:

  • Responsible AI
  • Data Governance
  • Cybersecurity & Privacy
  • Risk Management

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Modernize skills while embedding analytics and enable a data-driven culture in an organization with AWS

For analytics and AI to have an impact on business decision making, you need to integrate analytics and business teams. That means assessing the need for upskilling and, when considering AWS, knowing how to modernize or establish the skill sets on your team to help the company stay competitive in the marketplace. Additionally, processes for prioritizing and sustaining initiatives helps prepare for analytics & AI at scale. We can provide leading practices across various areas:

  • Organizational Structure & Processes
  • Talent & Skills
  • Culture & Behaviors

Establish strong technology foundation for modern analytics & AI initiatives

Modern technologies such as big data and cloud computing are critical for companies to scale and sustain data and analytics operations. Combining PwC’s tools with the strength of AWS capabilities, technology, and scale gives organizations the opportunity to accelerate the journey to the cloud. We can help across many areas, including:

  • Cloud-enabled usage of modern platforms such as AWS RedShift
  • Breaking down data silos to create more visibility and ease of access
  • Data ingestion and integration

Case study

Bringing data and analytics to life with Wyndham Hotels

How PwC and AWS modernized Wyndham Hotels’ data architecture - and got to know their customers like never before.

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