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Generative AI is everywhere and moving fast

The impact of generative AI on business is undeniable. But with breakthrough innovations come new trust challenges — including protecting data and intellectual property. We know this because we’ve built and scaled generative AI for ourselves. And with our $1B investment in AI capabilities and an industry-leading relationship with Microsoft we can help you drive secure and responsible business-led transformation, powered by generative AI.

We blend our command of responsible AI and deep business experience with Microsoft's generative AI model, and secure Azure environment. For you, that means essential data protection and ultimate impact.

PwC and Microsoft are making generative AI the business exponential. See where it can take you.

1 billion PwC US investment to expand and scale AI capabilities

What generative AI means for your business

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PwC's generative AI solutions built on Microsoft

Secure and responsible business-led transformation

Knowledge modernization

Join the future of knowledge work by enabling generative AI on Azure OpenAI to drive productivity improvements in repetitive tasks such as knowledge capture, process automation and content generation. Our solution and AI factory model can take you from ideation to execution: mapping challenges, preparing your data and workforce, and more.

GenAI Azure quickstart

Start your AI journey by deploying and configuring Microsoft Azure OpenAI API endpoints and integrations with foundational infrastructure. By leveraging the security, scalability, and seamless integration offered by the Azure cloud platform, organizations can confidently develop powerful AI solutions while ensuring the confidentiality and integrity of data within their own environment.

GenAI responsible AI framework

At a time when trust is more important than ever, we're the authorities on trust by design. Our Responsible AI framework addresses cyber, privacy, compliance, bias, performance, ethical risks and more to develop a strategy to navigate the tradeoff between the risks and opportunities of AI. Our methodology is designed to work with Microsoft’s secure technology alongside its RAI guiding principles.

Customized and private chat tools

Remove the risk from public and open-sourced models by creating a private version of ChatGPT using Azure OpenAI and Power Platform. With Microsoft Azure’s technology stack, you safely and securely customize it to your unstructured data. We know first-hand how well this can work: ChatPwC is currently taking productivity to new levels across our business.

Intelligent employee experience

Make work more productive — and enjoyable. Create an intelligent workforce experience and drive new ways of working with Microsoft 365 Copilot built on technology you use every day with a customized, end-to-end experience and integrations to suit your use cases.


See how we’re scaling generative AI with speed and control

Rather than focus on individual use-cases, we recognize and build patterns that can be repeated across industries and functions.

Consumer markets: better customer service

Most customer service representatives must answer the same questions, again and again — a poor use of their time. PwC is working with a global consumer packaged goods company to deploy a Microsoft generative AI model to help. This model automatically answers simple questions. And it routes complex ones to the right people. With the help of data pipelines and workflow orchestration tools in Azure, this model also provides customer representatives with guidance to answer complex questions. The company now plans to scale this model: fine-tune it, then deploy it for Q&A knowledge access in finance, HR and the other parts of their business too.

Financial services: faster, more cost-effective software development

PwC has worked with a global bank’s financial, software and compliance professional to help customize a Microsoft generative AI model. This model can now write first drafts of code, test and troubleshoot human-written code and provide continuous documentation. Secure Microsoft technology, combined with PwC’s Responsible AI framework, is helping this bank to meet its own security priorities, manage risk and comply with regulatory requirements.

Health industries: automated requests processing and data protection

For health insurers, it’s time-consuming and costly to process requests for coverage. Many requests arrive in hard-to-read formats or lack key information. PwC is helping a leading insurer deploy a Microsoft generative AI model to automatically process straightforward requests. The model also identifies incomplete requests and returns them to the sender. It only routes to human reviewers those few requests that require special attention. PwC helped deploy this model with rigorous data governance in a secure Azure environment to protect sensitive health data. The insurer will soon scale this model to summarize, analyze and disseminate documents in back-office processes too.

Manufacturing: automated invoice processing and new back-office capacity

PwC is helping a global manufacturer deploy a Microsoft generative AI model to partly automate invoice processing. The model automatically approves or denies some invoices and routes others to the human reviewers. When needed, it translates invoices from foreign languages to English. It flags high-priority invoices for expedited review, with key information extracted and standardized. PwC’s AI factory model has deployed this model so that it is ready to scale: It will next partly automate document review and analysis throughout the finance function, growing capacity and freeing employees from tedious, repetitive work.

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