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PwC and Microsoft help unlock your data’s potential

PwC helps businesses use data to make informed, strategic decisions.  We use advanced Microsoft analytics to help rationalize, predict, streamline, and improve your business.

PwC helps you understand how to most effectively utilize Microsoft technology to optimize your understanding of the data available at your fingertips. We work with your organization to help you collect the right data, build dashboards to easily view the data, and understand the insights provided by the data in order to make informed business decisions.

PwC has experience helping companies across industries and of varying sizes to:

  • Build your data foundation
  • Apply advanced analytics through PowerBI and other Microsoft technologies
  • Improve business performance
  • Explore innovation opportunities
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Analytics Solutions Powered by Microsoft

Customer Insight Platform

PwC’s Customer Insights platform (CIP) enables clients to maximize customer lifetime value (CLV) and profitability by transforming customer data into actionable, targeted insights. Powered by key Microsoft technologies, the Customer Insights Platform supports almost any data source and can integrate with existing IT architecture. Together, PwC and Microsoft help clients maximize customer retention and minimize churn through this solution based upon client-centric design and business process methodology.

Predictive Maintenance

PwC’s IoT Predictive Maintenance for Airlines provides a scalable, strategic solution for transforming commercial airline Maintenance, Repair, and Overhaul (MRO) operations through advanced analytics. Powered by key Microsoft technologies including Azure, Azure IoT Suite, Cortana Analytics Suite, and others, this solution enables commercial airlines and freight/cargo fleets to reduce costs, improve efficiency, and minimize adverse system impacts using powerful predictive models.

Payer Insights Platform

PwC’s Payer Insights Platform integrates your datasets into a comprehensive, visual format with analytic capabilities so your insurance company can make better-informed decisions, increase its return on investment, and ultimately provide higher-quality care. PIP’s flexible development and deployment model integrates with your existing infrastructure or Microsoft Azure.  PwC complements the PIP with a Payer Insights Team consisting of data scientists, clinicians, and data engineers and visualizers – offering the specific skills needed to deliver strategic insights and maximize clients’ outputs.

Supply Chain Opportunity and Optimization

PwC’s Supply Chain Opportunity and Optimization Platform (SCOOP) is a supply chain analytics platform that delivers rapid insights, empowering your business to make optimal decisions about its supply chain in a world that demands more efficient, agile, and customized services. With use cases ranging from inventory analysis to fulfillment to demand sensing, SCOOP equips you to streamline your business’s entire supply chain and increase its ROI. SCOOP’s customizable analytics apps, running on Microsoft Azure, deliver over 80 performance use cases to ensure your customers are supported at every stage of their supply chain digitization journey.

Compliance Analytics

Technology can redefine the possible for enterprise compliance and anti-corruptions programs to create a competitive business advantage. PwC and Microsoft's Compliance Analytics solution leverages data analytics to identify risky transactions for additional compliance oversight throughout the sales deal lifecycle, revealing the actionable insights necessary for proactive risk mitigation. Combined with organizational readiness, we deliver a powerful, adaptable, and sustainable solution to address a variety of present and future compliance risks, while improving deal hygiene and increasing transaction speed.


We deliver actionable insights to help our clients not only resolve pressing problems, but also drive sustainable information advantages