Emerge stronger

Make the right commitments today to recover revenue and support your future.

Many companies are navigating the eye of the storm, but stakeholders—employees, consumers, boards and investors—will expect them to do better as we move forward.

Embrace the opportunity to build muscle today.

Risk and regulatory

Track policy shifts to stay ahead of business impacts and mitigate risks

  • Aim a keen eye on the road to election 2020 and the business impacts of potential outcomes including workforce policy, tax, trade, health reform and technology regulations.
  • Implement a proactive and resilient risk management strategy with risk and controls fit for this new world.
  • Implement effective compliance and monitoring for commitments made in the pandemic like ESG, government programs and other material issues.

Road to Election 2020

People + tech

Focus on how tech can increase productivity

  • Leverage your data to drive efficiencies and better quality in the back office - while also evolving digital strategies on the front end to capture customers and revenue.
  • Mandate workforce change, collaboration and cross-functional work- don’t just talk about it.
  • Learn from those that generate payback and get significant value on their digital investments.

Get tech payback

Cybersecurity, privacy and forensics

Set a safety agenda for your employees, your company and customers

  • Understand that individuals are unable to discern the truth and trust in institutions is eroding — and learn what that means for your company.
  • Prepare now for threats to be elevated over the next 6 months. 
  • Prioritize efforts to build a more cyber-savvy culture, starting with building cyber awareness among employees. 

Cyber + Workforce Pulse


Enhance access to capital by investing in the right deals

  • Refocus on how deals activity can help drive more reliable sources of capital.
  • Look for deals that can revamp your processes and redefine efficiency in operations.
  • Use strategic positioning to determine which capabilities you need to capture the greatest value and how businesses can be repositioned.

Tomorrow’s deal dynamics

People-led transformation

Build on purpose-driven culture

  • Find the stand-out, positive behaviors that emerged from this crisis and commit to them.
  • Align policies and incentives to things that had positive effects on performance - like agility, faster decision-making, flattened hierarchies and transparent communication.
  • Focus on acts of empathy and invest in resources that help create balance and address mental health.

Evolve your culture

Responsible business leadership

Fight racism and social injustice

  • Set an actionable strategy for how you will emerge stronger from the converging health, economic and social crises via employee support, community investment, and superior focus on transparency and accountability.
  • Commit to serve all citizens, share your diversity plan and measure and publicize results annually.
  • Bring together employees from all levels to guide leadership on diverse employees’ concerns and to help shape public policy.

The call for change

Scenario planning

Focus on rebuilding revenue and cash flow

  • Know what to watch for: monitor drivers that will impact the operating environment into 2021.
  • Prepare for what's ahead by building scenarios that consider vaccine arrival, economic recovery, consumer behavior, and more.
  • Pursue a multi-pronged approach to help grow revenue - emphasizing products and services, new pricing strategies, distribution channels and customer segments, among others.

Become more ready and resilient

Impact on Industry

The disruption caused by COVID-19 looks different for each industry. How will you forge ahead?

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