Emerging stronger from COVID-19: What US business leaders need to know

What's top of mind for business leaders?

Return to growth

As they look ahead, leaders are still taking strong steps to tackle challenges from the pandemic. CFOs continue to be concerned about another wave of infections causing shutdowns. They are considering the financial impact, effects on liquidity and operations, and the results of a global economic downturn.

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Take on Tomorrow

Companies have been taking steps to tackle COVID-19 challenges
Q: Please indicate how much you agree or disagree with the following statements about your company's response to the COVID-19 pandemic to date. (Responses to ‘strongly agree’)
Source: PwC US Pulse Survey
November 13, 2020: CFO base of 227


As vaccines roll out across the globe, businesses are eager to move forward in a post-pandemic world. How will you reimagine work in 2021 with your post-pandemic workforce?

The post-pandemic workforce

Productivity improved over prolonged work-from-home period
Q: Which of the following best describes your productivity working remotely compared to before COVID-19?
Q: How has average employee productivity changed (compared to pre-COVID-19)? (Responding ‘more productive’ and ‘much more productive’)
Source: PwC US Remote Work Survey
June 25, 2020, Base: 118 US executives, 1,200 US office workers
January 12, 2021. Base: 132 US executives, 1,200 US office workers

Purpose and ESG

Embodying your organization’s purpose and building trust among all your stakeholders has potentially never been so paramount. How are you looking to trust and purpose-driven activities like Diversity and Inclusion, responsible business leadership and ESG reporting?

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Digital transformation

Despite a tough year, various US companies are accelerating their approach to digital transformation. Many are looking to artificial intelligence (AI), in part because it has proven a highly effective response to the challenges brought about by the COVID-19 crisis. In fact, most of the companies that have fully embraced AI report seeing major benefits. What benefits can you see?

AI predictions 2021

With more ambitious digital initiatives, businesses are changing cyber strategy and investing more

Source: PwC, Global Digital Trust Insights Survey 2021,
October 2020: base 3,249

Taxes, risk and regulation

With a change in the White House, what’s changing for US companies? President Joe Biden is making the case for urgent, unified action. What does that mean for legislation, policy changes, and your business?

2021 Tax Policy outlook

Crisis planning

With immediate crisis reactions in the rear-view mirror, leaders should be conducting after-action assessments on their plans to see where they stand — and where they can do better. Nearly two-thirds of risk leaders say they’ll be conducting stress tests of their resilience plans more often over the next year.

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Risk leaders are gearing up for increased scrutiny of resilience programs
Q: Given the outcome of the presidential and congressional elections, do you expect more or less scrutiny of your resilience program?
Source: PwC US Pulse Survey
November 13, 2020: Risk management leader base of 112

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