10Minutes on people analytics

March 2016

Data-based insights about your people can tell you a lot: which types of projects your employees are best at, which employees are likely to leave or stay, or how effectively teams work with their managers. And these people analytics can unlock data possibilities for better decisions in every function, from operations to sales to finance. Yet rarely is people data freed from HR walls—or taken from analysis to action. In an era of big data, the truly data-driven company should invest in using data about its biggest investment of all: its people.

How can you transform human capital—and your business? In this issue of 10Minutes, learn more:

  • At a glance: Four ways your employee analytics can shape strategy.
  • Power your biggest decisions with data: Stories of when people analytics make a real difference in a business initiative—not just an HR one.
  • Factors holding you back from real value in people data: Asking too simple of questions, no expectations of accountability, and confining people data to a single function.
  • How to supply people analytics to the business: You’re likely already investing in data and analytics in other parts of the company. How do you get started with people analytics as well?
  • Changing how your people think about people metrics: Beyond the technology and tools, how you start the shift among the entire organization to embed people analytics into every big business decision.

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