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In today’s complex world marked by interdependent markets, global interests, and changing tax requirements, it can be difficult to have confidence and peace of mind when it comes to your financial life. PwC’s Personal Financial Services practice understands this and the unique challenges you face in managing your wealth and planning for the future. We have a dedicated and experienced group of professionals who provide tax and wealth planning to high net worth individuals and their families. Our practice offers the judgement, experience, and capability required to help you achieve your goals now and for future generations.


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2018 Guide to tax and wealth planning

Individuals and families that manage their wealth wisely tend to take an active role in doing so. Rather than leave everything in the hands of an advisory team, they make sure they’re knowledgeable about the key factors affecting their wealth. This entails understanding various legal, financial, and regulatory issues, as well as the economic and political landscape, both at home and abroad. 2018 Guide to tax and wealth planning. This can be a tall order - to help you, we have shared our 2018 Guide to tax and wealth planning.

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Video: PwC's 2018 Tax and Wealth Planning Guide

How PwC can help

Our custom approach, global reach and experience working with high net worth individuals and families bring you unparalleled service.

Tax planning and compliance

Good tax planning is integral to sound wealth management. In today’s fluid tax environment you’ll want to consider a variety of strategies so that you will be well positioned regardless of tax policy outcomes, preserving your wealth in any scenario. PwC can relieve you of this worry, saving you time and ensuring tax compliance.


Philanthropic giving is most effective when it is tax efficient. It is important to understand when and if a tax deduction is allowed and the benefit realized.

Family office

The managerial and administrative needs of high-net-worth families can be extensive, ranging from tax and estate planning to managing trusts and foundations. A family office can help meet those needs, tailoring the breadth and depth of its services to a given family requirements.

Lifestyle (unique) investments

Ownership of yachts and planes, classic cars and works of art bring unique tax issues. Tax efficient ownership via LLCs, companies or trusts should be considered.

Estate, trust, and gift planning

Without proper planning, estate and inheritance taxes can significantly reduce the amount of wealth available for future generations. It’s important to routinely review your estate and gift plans to address changes in tax laws and to ensure your wishes remain accurately reflected.

Investment planning

In this atmosphere of prevailing uncertainty and global economic interdependency, it’s important to have an investment strategy that will keep you on an even keel while also letting you remain flexible enough to capitalize on new opportunities when they arise.

Succession planning

The longevity of a family business depends on early ongoing succession planning.  Communicating the results of that planning to family members and other key stakeholders in a timely fashion will increase the likelihood that the business and its value will endure well beyond leadership transition.

Insurance and risk management

Protecting your family’s well-being and assets from various risks involves more than just obtaining adequate insurance coverage. It also entails making strategic choices about forms of asset ownership.


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