Guide to tax and wealth planning for 2017 and looking ahead to 2018

Welcome to our latest edition of PwC’s Guide to tax and wealth planning

Our specialists update their guidance for strategic tax planning, portfolio management, charitable giving, and estate and gift planning every year. But this year, thoughtful planning is taking on new dimensions as potentially far-reaching changes to tax rules move through Congress for the 2018 tax year. That’s why we’ve now gone digital with our annual Guide. We’re going to update each section if and when new rules take effect to help you make informed decisions. You’re invited to register with us to receive these updates as they happen. We look forward to an eventful year.

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Individuals and families that manage their wealth wisely tend to take an active role in doing so. Rather than leave everything in the hands of an advisory team, they make sure they’re knowledgeable about the key factors affecting their wealth. This entails understanding various legal, financial, and regulatory issues, as well as the economic and political landscape, both at home and abroad. This can be a tall order—one that our guide aims to help you meet.

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Explore individual tax and wealth planning topics

Effective tax strategy

Potential tax reform could drastically alter how to approach tax planning. For this and other reasons, it is important that you stay actively involved in your tax planning before and after the 2017 tax year ends. In this section, we detail key considerations that may apply to you--from investment strategies like intra-family loans, to the timing of itemized deductions.

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Managing your investments

How do you create an investment strategy that balances risk and return and is flexible enough to capitalize on new opportunities as they arise? In this section, we outline key steps to consider in devising your personal investment plan. 

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Charitable giving

Charitable giving can serve as an effective tool in your overall wealth management strategy. Making philanthropic donations may be an attractive alternative to dealing with a large, appreciated portfolio of securities. In this section, we detail the approaches that an individual or family should consider.

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Estate and gift planning

Thoughtful estate and gift tax planning helps you preserve your wealth and pass it on to your designated beneficiaries in the manner you choose. In this section, we discuss the various estate and gift tax planning options to help you make an educated assessment of which ones are best for you and your family.

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Risk management

What is sound risk management exactly? In this section, we discuss the many insurance options you can consider to protect your family and assets. Yet there’s more to it. Learn how to protect against IRS identity fraud and why it may make sense to create a trust or limited partnership.

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Cross-border tax considerations

Executives on business trips, children studying abroad and families with multiple citizenships are increasingly common facets of modern life. These situations also create complexities in US tax reporting and disclosure requirements, and for gift and estate planning. In this section, we cover the key considerations to help you understand the unique circumstances that arise from crossing borders.

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