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PwC’s Flexibility² Talent NetworkTM

About Steven

Boston office

Steven is an entrepreneur. He and his father own a tax practice that focuses on personal returns. Since his client base and his busy times during the year are different than PwC's, he's able to enjoy a broad range of experiences by working for PwC's Flexibility² Talent Network and having his own successful practice.

Q&A with Steven

Why did you decide to join PwC's seasonal workforce?

I've worked for large CPA firms. In addition, I have experience working with large corporations and partnerships, so an opportunity like this was ideal because I have the expertise that PwC sought. At the same time, it fit well with my schedule of managing the business with my father, giving me added flexibility as a result. This opportunity at PwC, a highly reputable firm, expanded my horizons.

How do you feel your team helped acclimate you to the firm?

There were a number of seasonal employees in my group. Everyone was treated equally regardless of whether they were a full-time or seasonal employee. As I got up-to-speed and understood the client better, the director gave me additional responsibility. It was clear that we were working as one team to serve our clients.

What type of work did you do? And, what new knowledge have you gained from your PwC experience?

I worked primarily on partnership and corporate state returns for large hedge funds. I learned a lot about the nuances of each state and how the information flows through to an individual's K-1s.

What advice would you give to someone considering a seasonal role with PwC?

You won't get this experience anywhere else! You'll build relationships with so many people who turn out to be even more helpful than you can imagine. I've formed connections that I've maintained since my contract period. I had so much fun because I worked with the absolute greatest people. Besides making the great connections, I had such a good time and enjoyed going to work every day and look forward to returning for my next contract period!

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