Data simplified: SOX Managed Services from PwC and Workiva

PwC’s long experience with Sarbanes Oxley mandates means that we recognize an opportunity for compliance agility when we see it. The Workiva platform enables both efficiency and transparency to not only reduce risk, but to allow new business insights to reveal themselves. Our instance of the Workiva platform brings it all together in a structure that has been purpose-built to bring much-needed relief for all stakeholders in the SOX effort. Say hello to tomorrow’s workflow.

Data that drives actionable intelligence 

  • PwC’s SOX solution allows you to gain enhanced insights into your overall risks, and more effectively manage them. With visibility into tests and controls, you will feel secure in your compliance process. Spot – and correct – risks as they emerge.
  • Significantly reduce the effort required from each of your process control owners. Reallocate your team’s efforts to strategic business projects with the time saved from your SOX compliance journey.
  • Automate and report with ease. Use PwC’s perspectives to get the most from the tech.


With the right tools and perspectives in place, more than thirty percent of SOX compliance tasks can be automated.


Sarbanes Oxley regulations were introduced two decades ago, but there is finally a chance today to streamline the work.

Tap your data, transform with confidence

PwC’s integration of Workiva capabilities brings some relief to SOX compliance after 20 years of manual processes. With transparency, guardrails and reporting, company builders and auditors will know the job is being done right at every step. 

The connected platform enables integrated reporting across all SOX compliance efforts, audit activities and enterprise risk management. The power of the Workiva platform enables the ingestion of financial data and risk-assessment inputs from a variety of sources, such as enterprise resource planning systems. 

All of this is delivered with an eye to quality and efficiency. Your SOX efforts can be both simplified and trusted. 

Discover the data difference with PwC and Workiva.


PwC’s SOX compliance environment is purpose-built to create a more nimble finance function. We bring perspectives that unlock data for decisive action.


Enhance workflows, improve experiences and drive new growth. Automate approvals and updates. One click reporting. See tomorrow in your data.


Leverage the Workiva technology that will free your teams from time consuming manual compliance efforts. Keep your stakeholders moving in unison.

PwC has integrated Workiva technology into our SOX compliance platform. Looking across your organization to identify and document risks has never been easier. Testing can now be made visible to the relevant stakeholders, such as auditors, to ensure that the controls are in place and working well. The documentation, coordination and certifications all flow in logical order.

Uncover a perspective on Workiva: Yours

The delivery ecosystem interfaces with PwC’s proprietary controls-testing systems, offering automation opportunities. It can be customized to include a perspective on how to help optimize Workiva for your workflow management. Its linking capabilities can streamline time spent manually updating risk and control changes in narratives, walkthroughs, flowcharts, testing templates and dashboards.

From workflow to data-powered growth

Sarbanes Oxley isn’t only an obligation, it’s an opportunity to see risks as a way to find rewards. Use compliance as a means to look across the business to make the best forward-leaning decisions possible. Freeing up your teams from the manual work of compliance leaves them time to consider strategic objectives, and find new growth.

Data simplified
  • PwC’s technology and experience, including risk assessment and scoping, control documentation and design, control testing of operating effectiveness, are all folded in.
  • Workflows can be developed to route requests, testing and certifications to designated users.
  • Control deficiencies can be evaluated and aggregated.
Unlock your data for decisive action
  • Lower your compliance costs, and redirect resources to higher value work.
  • Transparency enables you to make the most informed and strategic business decisions possible, as you manage for risks.
  • Bring experience, speed and powerful tools to bear, creating an engine of insights.

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