Platform solution powered by Workday

As the business world moves ever faster, companies are seeking to accurately sense market changes and respond more rapidly. Central to creating this enterprise agility is leveraging technology that offers simplified access to data and analytics, allows for flexible business process configuration, and delivers a modern user experience. Leading technology must also be coupled with strategic alignment, defining new ways of working, management of change and focus on the employee experience.

PwC’s Workday Platform solution combines industry blueprints, deep functional expertise, experience-focused change management and unmatched technical acumen to deliver more than a Workday technology implementation. We help you reinvent HR and finance, enabled by Workday, to support strategy and be fit for purpose.

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Platform solution benefits

PwC’s business-led approach and deep industry-specific business transformation, change management, and financial and HR strategy experience—powered by Workday’s on-demand, cloud-based financial management and HCM platform—enable businesses to gain:

  • Technology aligned to support business strategy
  • Business and IT teams organized to leverage the benefits of SaaS
  • Continuous improvement processes that capitalize on regular SaaS enhancements
  • Modern, mobile-first experience
  • Increased organizational agility and innovation
  • Real-time access to people and financial data—and how they intersect—on a unified platform
  • A single, foundational data model that’s controlled and accurate
  • In-memory, real-time data processing with a true, hybrid transactional/analytics platform
  • Access to a full range of financial and HCM capabilities, relevant analytics, and metrics
  • Simplified and better control over access to data
  • Unified process controls and security to enable regulatory compliance
  • Increased operational visibility, accuracy, and transparency
  • Consistency and accuracy in financial reporting, policies, and procedures
  • Increased productivity of both HR and finance organizations
  • Lower implementation costs and reduced time to implement
  • Right-sized IT footprint and simplified licensing support for technology

How PwC can help

In order to be competitive and earn the right to win, a company needs insight and efficiency.  Insight will enable it to sense changes in the market and operating landscape, facilitating strategic responsiveness.  Flexibility will enable it to quickly adapt and respond to increased pressures.  The Workday platform delivers that insight and flexibility, and PwC can help your organization unlock that potential in order to succeed in a rapidly changing business environment.

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